Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


The British Working Class is very much capable of screwing themselves, as is evident for example by looking at the Brexit vote result demographics.


I don’t think there’s any doubt that Corbyn was lukewarm on the EU. His campaigning was lukewarm. I saw him say as much at a Townhall type meeting near the time of the referendum ‘It’s corporatist, I don’t really like it, but there are some good things, on balance it’s better to be in’.

Looking at the points above from the book.

  1. So Mandelson has Tim Shipman’s ear. Everyone know’s Mandelson is a creep. An ex EU commissioner who sees no wrong with it.
  2. Seumus Milne was going over things to make sure there was no corporatist crap. This is right and proper. Why would anyone trust Mandelson’s copy?
  3. Alan Johnson failed in the Referendum and will never be Labour leader. This contributes to his spite.
  4. that’s a “sentiment”. But its unsupported
    Pat McFadden slagged Corbyn in the House for daring to suggest that Western Actions contribute to Terror attacks. That’s a bit more than blotting your copybook. Would Blair ahve put up with a serving minster slagging him?
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  6. ‘Willowy’ ? WTF has that to do with anything
    7 ‘Stalin apologist’ seems like repeating a smear … -0024.html
  7. How dare Milne object to how Greece was treated ! OMG !
  8. Charlie Falconer would be Lord Falconer of New Labour…that Charlie Falconer

It’s a little ironic that Milne is described as “stalinist” for not being ‘on message’ in New Labourites whitewashing of the EU’s corporatist agenda


A Venezuelan propaganda channel suggests that Suemas Milne is not a Stalin apologist, citing an article from Sputnik News? With these comedy references, you are spoiling us!


He has at least two chances to become Labour leader and both times backed away, he seems to not want the job, which is a pity, I think he could beat the Tories easy but Corbyn my struggle to win a majority


Oh dear. The Tory attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn as a traitor has come badly unstuck.

4 minutes long. Well worth watching.

The Tories and the tabloids are waging war against the people and the sooner the people say ‘enough!’ and start fighting back the better.


The tabloids are deliberately creating the a climate of hate that will have Jeremy Corbyn murdered. I have absolutely no doubt about it. … emy-corbyn … pathy.html … 8578134576


I like to keep an eye on the UKpolitics Reddit and the FT comment sections at work and tbh from the minute the story broke nobody was buying it, I mean *nobody *. Everybody was asking straight away WTF the Tories/Mail/Express were thinking, I hope this turns into a major thing but alas it will probably be forgotten about this time next week.


This time next week, the main story will be “It’s bloody freezing!”


As Expected, the next Prime Minister? will oversee little change in March 2019:


Andrew Neil, not a noted Trotskyite.

This is a sign of how the wider pressures on the UK - self-inflicted Brexit mess; general decline in global standing - are stressing the establishment to the point where they go a bit off the reservation. They are in danger of heading the way of the US where people were saying Obama was (literally) the anti-Christ etc. or that Bush is a scheming, irredeemable evil-doer. The middle-ground sober centrists seem to be on the sidelines.

Politically, some of Corbyn’s views are out of the mainstream and not to my taste, but if he’s elected by his electorate then you’d like to think he’d be respected by his own parliament at least on the most basic level.

To be fair to Corbyn, he has personally been fairly decent to others and never resorted to peddling baseless conspiracy theories about opponents. Maybe he will be the new centre after all…


The thing is, a huge chunk of his own MPs don’t rate him. His parliament could be equally divided and get nothing done.

What’s interesting to watch is how Corbyn can be seen as “decent to his opponents”, yet pretty nasty things get done in Corbyn’s name, but that he can say he has nothing to do with e.g. Entryist tactics at constituency level and shouting down and deselecting anti Corbyn MPs. He can be depicted as this sinless leader, but nasty things just seem to get done. Pretty eerie IMO

What’s the Guardian’s view of him these days ? I used to buy it on a Friday but not lately


I Gotta think Corbyn’s team were clever at moving the discussion on with his latest meeting, breaking bread with the Jewdas group at Passover. Of course the Blairites come out of the woodwork to attack him for meeting this Jewish Group, but this is getting very silly now. Monty Python could have had a field day with some of this material.

By way of background of course, Corbyn was ordained by Momentum. Many at the top of Momentum are Jewish themselves.


I am definitely not a Corbyn fan, but the media furore of the last couple of days is faintly ridiculous. He was a raving anti-Semite, but now it seems he just likes the wrong sort of Jews – the nasty anti-Zionist ones that object to Palestinians getting shot in the back.


Corbyn is in Lifford today.
He crossed the bridge from Strabane accompanied by hordes of media


while the Corbyn slur continues


Geoffrey Robinson, FFS. Is that the best they can do.

What slur? In the context of British hard left politics since the 1970’s being “Anti Zionist” has always meant being anti-Semitic. Being against “Zionism” has only ever been weasel words for these people. The fact that Corbyn is just another thicko rich kid playing student union politics his whole life is neither here nor there. There is not a single group whose rhetoric in arabic has never once deviated from - Kill the Jews and take their properly - over the decades that Corbyn and his supporters have not supported and cozied up to over the years. When these “Anti Zionist” people are pinned down on their position the fact that the people they support are quite specific about glorifying the killing of Jews wherever they might be the “Anti Zionists” get quiet heated when forced to admit that really they dont have a problem with Jews being killed, well, because, of all the “suffering” they cause. And anyway, they all support Israel anyway…

The political calculus of Corbyns Anti-semitism is quiet simple. UK Muslims vote 70% plus Labour and are the group most dependent of government employment or welfare. They are concentrated in urban constituencies which are the easiest for the hard left to take over and control. Add that to the other three core Labour party voting demographics and the votes of the Jews and those appalled by Labour parties very calculated anti-semitism just does not matter. The hard left would be very happy controlling a rump party of around 100 seats rather than being any kind of broad based party of government. That was Militant Tendencies goal in the 1980’, that is Momentum’s goal now.

The only thing stopping a SDP style split of the current party by the moderates is the UK electoral system. If the UK had a French or German style electoral system the Labour party would have split long ago and Corbyns wing would quickly evolve into a updated version of the New Party. The people behind Momentum are just a modern version of the prime movers behind the formation of the New Party back then. Its amazing how effective the left leaning media in the UK have been at rewriting Labour Party history over the post war decades. Ramsay MacDonald almost totally disappeared from history and Mosley’s New Party is rewritten as not a split from the Labour Party of its more radical members but as some sort of sinister “Right Wing” organization. Later on in the decade the NP picked up the usual right wing nasties that bob about in the politic sewer but it started as a split from the Labour party.

You would never know this from how its been portrayed in the media over the decades. The Labour party has a long tradition of very nasty left wing loonies but this is the first time they have actually been able to gain control of the party.


largely Jewish, Lansman and Schneider. Labour had a Jewish leader in 2015 despite only 15% of the small Jewish vote going to Labour. For such a relatively tiny constituency of the Labour vote members of the Jewish community cannot complain at that strong representation at the top table. Yet we still have this campaign against Corbyn, seemingly because he is getting close and he speaks out on the treatment of Palestinians. He hasn’t been charged with saying much that the likes of Jimmy Carter or members of the Irish Dail and senate wouldn’t have tabled on the issue.


Its a little more than that, Corbyn is friends with or on good terms with some dodgy people on the Palestinian side, but then again May and the rest of the British elite think its Ok to associate with the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu


Politicians having channels of communication with other international leaders is probably preferable to the alternative in the majority of cases but May’s government is certainly open to criticism for the events described in this story from last year: U.K. Cabinet Minister Resigns Over Secret Israeli Meetings


Corbyn is behind in the polls, but there’s a palpable Corbyn Angst growing in the Tories and their Tory press. In any gaps in the Brexit chaos coverage I expect to see a renewed propaganda push against him.