Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


If she gets 373 then her election gamble will have been vindicated and she’s unlikely to get toppled.

If she gets less than the current majority then certainly she’ll have to go.


They could be out of Europe before they’ve even started to negotiate at this rate :neutral_face:


BBC Exit Poll imminent.

Edit: Hung Parliament projected.


Labour up 34 seats.

No majority for conservatives. Boom.


Wow. That’s massive.



Paddypower were giving 3/1 for brexit to pass after the exit poll, hung parliament odds are currently 4/1.


Another exit poll has shown Con winning 314 and Lab winning 266.

Theresa May is toast.



The SNP are projected to be down 20-something seats, but with a warning that a lot of them were 50-50. Seeing as Scottish opposition to the SNP and IndyRef2 was coalescing around the Tories, maybe they can scrape back a few there. But it still looks like Theresa May’s gamble has blown up in her face if the exit poll is even half right. She might still get to go to Brussels for Brexit talks but there’s bound to be a lot of sniggering about “strong and stable leadership”.


We are going to be hearing a lot about the DUP’s Arlene Foster over the next few days/weeks.

I reckon Amber Rudd is going to be the next Tory Leader.


Ruud might lose her seat


Oops, there goes the Pound.


Agree about possible DUP influence. Not so much about Amber Rudd – exit poll suggests she may lose her seat!!!


Yes, just heard, who’s up for it do you think?


Not a bad projection if I do say so myself. 8DD


Brexit is definitely in jeopardy now. Mr. Corbyn gave his ‘hand’ away when interviewed the other day, saying he’ll do any deal with the EU.


Well, they’re still leaving, there’s no way out of that. Brexit means Brexit and all that. The terms may be different - EEA beckons?

edit: at last it gets interesting, though. Nice to see ‘ideas’ doing well.



Paddypower along with other bookies now about evens for a hung parliament!


I wonder what the DUP will ask for in return, make that nasty parity of esteem go away perhaps?


This is insane.