Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few



Sunderland Central: Another safe Labour seat and another swing of 2.3% from Labour to Tory. Another 6,000 kipper votes gone to Tories.

Theresa May perhaps not falling on her sword just yet. (She might have to be pushed :smiling_imp: ).


The BBC boffin hinting that the discrepancy may be to do with the 25% postal votes.


Every geographic area is going to tell it’s own story. I wouldn’t get too excited about deviations from a national Exit Poll (yet).


But that’s what makes elections fun!


In first 2 constituencies UKIP vote has collapsed. 1/3-1/2 went lab, rest went Con. Will help Cons more than Lab in marginals I think.

Exit polls are wrong. We have been here before. Everyone seems to forget the last time around…

Exit poll said another cozy coalition.

So far the exits polls have been correct in 2 of the last 12 elections. Although who knows given marginals roulette. Its going to be a long night.


If Sinn Fein decides to take up its seats in Westminster and teams up with labour, will they be know Guns N’ Roses?



Really hard to find unbiased coverage and here in Australia this campaign didn’t get all that much coverage. What happened to cause the upset? Last thing we knew May was calling an election because she reckoned they were doing well in the polls and it would give a strong hand to deal with the EU.

How long until they get rid of her now? Immediately?



This soo exciting Ted, so exciting, zzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Only thing certain so far is that UKIP are toast.


I never understood why they didn’t wrap up after Brexit.
It was their raison d’etre.
Would have been a terrific goodbye.


ITN reporting that Labour are looking to increase their Welsh seats.


If I were to sum it up May’s first campaign stumble was with fox hunting, an issue that many tories thought done and dusted was now being dragging back across the farm yard but the horses got really spooked with the dementia tax which was quickly dropped; it was the start of her Strong and Stable mantra gradually morphing into Weak and Wobbly and it stuck.

Plus Corbyn’s plain honest words after the Manchester bomb really seemed to resonate while May’s terse tenor didn’t appear to variate at all which only accentuated an aloofness. It’s fair to say that Corbyn’s rise in popularity is in proportion to May’s alienation of the undecided and unsure.


Darlington remains with Labour. The BBC boffin saying that if the Tories were hoping for a landslide then Darlington would’ve gone to them. BBC also confirming that Labour will increase in Wales.


The look on Ruud’s face says she thinks her seat is gone


How ironic would it be if the Tories scrape through and hang on to power but the brood of vipers in their parliamentary party give Theresa May the boot. They’d be straight back to having another PM without a national electoral mandate.

EDIT: One bookie has Boris Johnson’s odds of being next Tory leader at 5-1 from 66-1. The mind truly boggles at the idea of BoJo leading the Brexit negotiations. :neutral_face:


If the exit poll is correct I don’t think I’d call anyone a viper who questioned May’s leadership - she’d have to go. Agree re the irony though. New leader, no mandate, what a mess!


After 140 seats the exit poll is looking not too bad. Conservatives doing slightly better than projected but still several short of a majority. They’d still need the DUP. Labour and Cons eating SNP’s lunch in Scotland – SNP’s Commons leader lost his seat to a Tory. My speculation about the possibility of Scottish Tories saving the government could come true. Ruth Davidson for next PM. :smiley:


Whilst the Scottish Tories might save the party their success only undermines May further, as the performance up there will be seen as good work by Ruth Davidson rather than anything gained from May’s leadership.


Have never seen a victorious candidate look so shaky as Theresa May at her own Maidenhead count. She looks stressed out of her brain. Mumbled some nonsense about “having that period of stability” since the Tories look “likely to win the most seats”. Dead person walking.

Corbyn grinning like a Cheshire cat at his count. Have to hold my hand up – six weeks ago I predicted he’d be in his last twelve hours of Labour leadership at this point. Now he looks more secure than May.

EDIT: Full recount in Hastings but Amber Rudd seemed to be a couple of hundred ahead and may scrape through.