Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


In the north the SDLP has lost all three of their seats. Ulster Unionists may also lose their only seat. Chances are DUP will get ten, Sylvia Hermon keep her independent seat and the rest go to Sinn Féin. Shinners say they won’t take up their seats no matter what the electoral arithmetic. So, no northern nationalists in Westminster, and no remainers other than Lady Hermon.


“Strong and Stable” = “Let’s keep the Recovery going” :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t see you as strong and stable v I’m not seeing a recovery
I find Dimbleby a bit grumpy on the BBC and not that good. Like he has piles. They should have gotten rid of him years ago


Amber Rudd scraped by on the Hastings recount with a 300 margin.


Loss of Tory majority pretty much a done deal now. Forecast to be short by 8. The DUP can give them 10. Ironically, Sinn Féin has enough seats to scupper them if they took up their seats. So are we allowed to say that Sinn Féin might be propping up a Tory government? :smiley:

EDIT: I have that wrong … DUP would give a majority regardless of the Shinners.


Looks like the DUP 10 seats are critical ? Lib Dems will not be doing business on coalition.
DUP should look for a cabinet ministry actually.

Everyone who always knew May was an ineffectual non-entity raise your hand !


But … but … what about those necklaces – like stacks of cannon balls arrayed on the deck of a gunboat!


It sure is interesting to read back over this thread from the very beginning.


The situation in the North.


It’s like they shot themselves in the foot last June, then spent a year hopping around screaming at anyone who suggests they go to the hospital, before taking aim and blowing off their second foot yesterday.

What was it theveryman called it? “An act of prescient genious” I think.

So what now? DUP agree to support the Torys, in exchange for what? Do they even know whether they want a hard border or a soft border?

Theresa represents the UK at next week’s negotiations, which should be a good laugh. But she can’t have long for this world. So a month long Tory leadership contest? At the end of which you’ve got a Prime Minister with no mandate.

Another election?


I can’t see Tory/DUP working. The DUP are just too insular, isolated and insane, particularly with their dinosauric stance on social issues. They would have a working majority of two or three seats, and in any one year you could expect 6-7 by-elections. Couple that with the inevitable infighting within the Tories and it would be a recipe for instability.

Also (and this is the elephant in the room that is being ignored), if a Tory/DUP government unilaterally set aside the Good Friday Agreement then things in the North are going to spiral out of control very, very quickly. Any chance of some reassuring words from the Irish Government?

Another election is on the cards.


Thank God for Europe , because without it the British would have no one to blame but themselves.



Anyway, huzzah!

Norway beckons? Yanis V. on the C4 show last night suggesting that Norway for a few years until they sort themselves out.


The fallout from Brexit vote continues…

Infighting in Labour Tories now
I want Boris for PM :slight_smile:


I think the DUP have enough cop on to know they are completely out of touch on the social spectrum.
So whilst they open their mouths in NI, they close them for UK consumption.

If I was them, I’d support the tories in return for jobs/financial support in their constituencies.
Consolidate their power.

I don’t think they would touch the GFA or anything like that.
I don’t think May or any successor would either.


But would you really honour the bet?


@mr_anderson, The GFA can’t stand without safeguards on human rights.


Continuing my rummage through the wreckage of this thread…

This was a good insightful post, one of many by obese_cat.


Nothing that a political fudge couldn’t rectify.


I was completely wrong. This was not '83. It was actually Feb '74. When an inept campaign driven by a wishy-washy leader lost an election.

What’s interesting so far is that May was sunk by Brexit. Very heavy tactical voting by Green / LDP voters in marginals saved / turned several dozen seats for Labour plus she totally ignored the 11% of the electorate who voted UKIP last time out and were given no good reason to vote for her to secure a competent Brexit. So they broke 50/50’ish. But in traditional Lab marginal seats that was enough for Labour to get back in or hold on.

So a completely catastrophic election all round. Apart from the Scots Conservatives no winners here. And the huge loser is the traditional Labour party. This election in the long run will prove to be its coup de grace. The Momentum marxist takeover will now be unstoppable. And we have conclusive proof that even if you are criminally incompetent, actively supporting terrorists and the overthrow of democracy for decades, at least 25% of the population will vote for you if you promise them they will still get their handouts from the state. So it seem the UK now has its very own FF party. The clientist party of the tribally stupid.

So who noticed that apart from some outliers the per election opinion polls were completely wrong, again. Its seems only YouGov took the UKIP collapse at the constituency level into account. To many believed that the local election result would be replicated. I know I did.

Roll on the next election. Anyone for October? Thats how it was in '74.


Theresa May on 20 May 2017
If I lose just six seats I will lose this election and Jeremy Corbyn will be sitting down to negotiate with Europe … 8454806529