Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


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Is that leaving door open to future partnership with Labour under a different leader?

And on the Sinn Fein abstention


I don’t think Brexit was necessarily the biggest factor.

If you look at Scotland, the SNP were by far the strongest in their opposition to Brexit. Scotland voted remain in the referendum, yet they haemorrhaged votes badly to the Conservatives of all people. Look at Wales, it voted to Leave, so you’d think the Conservatives would have been a beneficiary of the evaporating UKIP vote, but it was Labour who took home the spoils. On the face of it, in the north of England there did look to be a slight correlation between areas that voted Leave and an increased Conservative vote, but you also have to take into account that Theresa May was also parachuted in to try and win supposedly vulnerable Labour seats there. Brexit was a factor, but not the most significant one.

You really need to be looking at the youth vote. There was a 72% turnout for the 18-24 bracket and you get bet the farm that the vast, vast majority of it went to Corbyn. This sort of turnout for young people is unprecedented and for it to occur really illustrates just how badly let down they feel by the establishment. You need only look at the university towns, where there were huge swings to Labour, not the Lib Dems, which suggests Corbyn’s message was more important to them than Brexit. I think it’s very easy and condescending for you to throw stones and claim that these people are stupid, but ask yourself, what had they to lose? Young people in the UK have been shafted. They earn less money than their parents did, house prices are MUCH higher, rents are astronomical, university fees are higher (note the the villain of student fees Nick Clegg lost his seat), the safety net of the welfare state has been somewhat dismantled, and now they’re going to have to work to 70+ before they can retire. On the other hand, look at how the Conservative government has bent over backwards to please pensioners (back-tracking on their manifesto regarding care home funding and guaranteeing the triple lock). It’s very, very easy for people like us in the generation above (or maybe two generations for you) to be derisive, but you might think differently if you were in the same situation.

In my opinion, Corbyn tapped into the Bernie Sanders zeitgeist, young people that have lost out in globalisation and have been ignored by the establishment. If the establishment wants to bring these people back into the fold, then it’s going to have to do something substantial for them instead of pandering to the older rentier class.


That was quick! Vinny B last night and Morning Ireland this AM were discussing how DUP holding the balance of power could lead to a soft brexit as it would be in most DUP’s supporters best interests…trade with the South etc.
Talk about delusion.

The DUP have been among the strongest proponents of Brexit. Trade with the Republic (or Europe) be damned - they want to close the door entirely.


Good post. Nail on head.

It’s funny to watch the Brits educating themselves about just who the DUP are. I think many of them didn’t realise they even existed.


good points!



I’m in my mid twenties and have many Scottish friends (having lived in Edinburgh for a year) and I thought it was interesting that practically all those (within my same age bracket) who I know over there, voted firstly for Scottish Independence, then against Brexit, and most interestingly, now all for Labour


What a journey for Arlene Foster! She was on the verge of being hauled off for (allegedly) facilitating a half billion pound fraud only a few months back.


DUP site appears to be down - presumably as people in England ask themselves ‘What’s a DUP’?

Their own role in fomenting Brexit is seriously questionable. Why, for example, did they spent €330k on an ad in the Metro newspaper which doesn’t circulate in N. Ireland? And whose money was it? … -1.3083586

Edit: DUP site back up now but v. slow


Might be good if the Irish Government made a comment about it? Establish their position so that no deals are made that are in conflict with their principles? A bit of reassurance maybe?

Edit: Leo just made a comment, but it’s pointless crud.


that would entail leadership, don’t expect that from our invertebrate politicians.


Me too. With the DUP propping up May all that’s happening is a doubling down on her vacuous weak and wobbly leadership. The DUP want a soft border but support a hard Brexit so essentially they propping up May gives the “have cake and eat it too” narrative a final airing.

A two vote majority won’t last long, especially once it’s clear that brexit negotiations will not be delivering endless cake.


Do they though? “No special status” means hard border surely. Am I giving them too much credit by assuming that they’ve thought through this?


This brings the party of Arlene Foster together with the party of Theresa May, what a dream team.
Should folk start stocking up on wood-pellets and biomass boilers?

agree mostly with your summation. The younger generation is being shafted. (IMHO, not of course because of age, but because non-asset owners are being shafted…)



What it may be is a ditching by the left of liberal hipster-identitariansm…at least thats how they sold themsleves…hopefully it wasnt just a sales ploy…


When Boris Johnson used the force


The pin introduced me to the idea of cognitive dissonance.
I’m seeing it everywhere on the political spectrum.


Theresa May’s statement.

It’s incredible, she really doesn’t get it at all.


PM May won’t be leader for much longer and all this talk about a hard brexit is part and parcel of pre negotiations, in other words, PM May doesn’t want to give anything away until negotiations actually take place.


But Mossy, the woman just blew her majority, which means she is going to have to negotiate with the EU and also negotiate with her parliament to get agree an agenda for the talks that they’ll pass. She can’t give anything away because as of now she doesn’t know what position she can take or has support for. This is the worst position Britain could be in, it’d be best if she fell on her sword, got the Tories a new leader and called another election asap.


Plus !

Of course, since the Shinners won’t take their seats, DUP support is a little moot. As long as the DUP don’t vote against the government and nobody else with it, May has a majority.
Cons = 318
Seats = 650 - 7 shinners - 10 DUPpies = 633…