Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


Was there any reason given as to why she didn’t turn up for the leaders debate ?
I wasn’t following the election too closely, but the moment I heard she had decided not to turn up was my ‘‘wtf ?’’ moment.


She had already did U-turns and then she said she won’t do the leaders debate. So she didn’t want to be seen doing another u-turn by changing her mind and agreeing to turn up.




First DUP demand is that London be renamed Londonderry! :laughing:


I presume there is a mention of the auld Flegs somewhere in there too!


That’s what they are.


On CNN Wolf Blitzer described the DUP as an “obscure” party.



Finally a light is being shone on that bunch of good for nothings!


List of DUP demands in case of a hung parliament in 2015. A tad ironic for a pro-Brexit party to demand continuation of EU 100% regional aid status.


:unamused: “A level playing field by banning all political donations from outside the UK”

What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince? … -1.3083586



Sky News claiming that the Tories announced an agreement had been reached with the DUP by mistake: … 6116907013


Just like Trump made House of Cards feel a bit tame and pointless the Tories are doing the same to the Thick of It.


:smiley: That one stood out for me too!


Jesus. :open_mouth:


Odd choice of lamp post to stand beside giving an interview supporting May this evening! … heresa-may


Nice up to date recap of the whirlwind in UK politics over the last year. … a-fantasy/


:confused: Oookaaay…

The Tories call a completely unnecessary election that even takes their own cabinet by surprise, lose their majority and now rely on a bunch of fundamentalist fruitcakes to stay in power, while the leader who took them to this sorry pass stays on as PM (for now, anyway).

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems increase their seat count by 50% and their leader, whose religious conviction (albeit considerably less extreme) is suddenly the flavour of the month, feels compelled to resign.

Tim Farron resigns and admits it would be ‘impossible’ for him to be Liberal Democrat leader and ‘remain faithful to Christ’

In the crazy world of contemporary British politics, I suppose it all makes perfect sense. :confused: :wink:


Brexit soap opera continues…