Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


Well acorrding to Jack Straw, New Labour opening the floodgates in 2004 to mass migration was a ‘spectacular mistake’. Some versions of the reasoning behind that decision that I have read was to do with securing new voters for future elections, thereby increasing Labour’s chances of winning seats in traditional Tory areas


You are correct. … tain-66077

It will probably be easy for Corbyn to bat away the question if asked why Labour didn’t phase in EU immigration like the others did but then he’s in the anti-Blair factor so he’ll get a pass.

However if he blames the EU then he’s a very naughty boy.


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To be fair, I’m sure some of my own predictions will have been every bit as prescient and accurate. :blush: :laughing:


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for some reason they’re not backing down even :confused:

A lot in the video about house prices -“the ladder” - though Corbyn is the same middle class panderer when it comes down to paying for social care with housing assets


Of course the real problem IMO is the gender pay gap

Len’s daughter “deserves” a pay increase


Wow…the Lefties are just like the rest of us :laughing:
I’m shocked so I am

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Daily Mail? :unamused:

Corbyn keeps getting embroiled in this nonsense because he is incapable of getting his own story straight let alone reserving a seat on a busy train (and that’s before considering the fact a “reserved seat” [like the ones he walked past] on a train is only reserved for a portion of the journey :unamused: )

from the donkey’s mouth:

from the pro-Labour HuffPo: … 8b2b4c727a

here’s the pro-Labour Guardian apologising for their story … n-too-fast


Slasher I think by pro-Labour you mean pro-New Labour or Anti-Corbyn as there is no way HuffPo or the Guardian were pro-Corbyn during the British GE. You should watch the video Coles posted it. It’s of Virgins own CCTV footage and how Branson manipulated one of the still images to say that Corbyn passed through an empty carriage when in fact as the footage rolled it was shown that it was full. They just found one fraction of a second where no passengers were visible in those seats and tweeted it.

The HuffPo and Guardian articles you linked to are from last year and were published without Virgin’s version of events being verified. The articles are typical of the time when hatchet pieces on Corbyn were all the rage.


Well my point is that those media outlets aren’t exactly the Torygraph/Dail Mail

the latest narrative is “hur hur Corbyn is actually great, you’re just an idiot Virgin/Branson sucker” when this whole mess is because

  1. The timeline/story Corbyn gave was confused. he made contradictory statements. This is not in dispute.
    There were “reserved” seats in which he could have sat immediately - so it wasn’t “ram packed” as he initially described. . In fact describing the train as ram packed is simply dishonest. If you were goign from Dublin to Cork and a seat was reserved from Mallow would you sit on the floor outside the jacks and post a video about it?

  2. The original “Oh noes Corbyn had to sit on the floor article” in the Guardian was written by one of Corbyn’s team. Under a pseudonym. So it’s a bit rich to talk about media bias in this instance … -traingate


Unless I’m catching up on Celebrity Love Island I never take the Daily Mail seriously!

Only joking I don’t do that.


Corbyn getting a lot of praise from everyone except the lunatics for repositioning the Labour Party to maintain the single market and customs union.

Theresa May on back foot after Jeremy Corbyn’s single market U-turn,

A shrewd move.


In May the same publication was saying that Corbyn’s Labour party was unfit to lead the opposition with the following illustration…

4 months is a long time in politics.


Following the utterly shambolic speech by Theresa May at the Tory Conference yesterday it looks like the Party is abandoning her.

Thankfully they have a very capable man ready to take the reigns. (snigger)


The wilderness years: how Labour’s left survived to conquer, - The Guardian


I feel sorry for anyone who can’t see through Abbott. She’s a certified hypocrite … /


UK facing longest fall in living standards for over 60 years, finds think tank, -


Not an unexpected outcome when you consider the importation of cheap labour over the past few years has reached the levels that allow for wage stagnation to reach into the middle income groups as well as the lower income groups that have already been undermined.

I’m sure you’ll see a similar pattern emerging here as well.