Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


And we get told central bank money printing doesn’t cause inflation. Real incomes have been falling in Britain for years now, is reaching an acute stage, and I don’t think it can all be put down to population growth.
Britain’s forecasts are consistently wrong, every year they come back with revised forecasts to revise the deficit up in outer years. Are they hoping a Corbyn led govt will get in there and tackle the causes of the deficit. Good luck with that.


UK Productivity has been very poor for a long time and is a significant part of the reason for poor wage growth. What does Corbyn propose to address this?

His conduct during the Brexit campaign was appalling, not the most competitive and productive UK industry is borked as a result (he was in bed while the country was in turmoil)

Shipman’s book “All out War” is a great read; obviously Cameron et al come out poorly but Corbyn and MacDonald do too


The Tories called the BREXIT referendum, not Corbyn, so it’s amusing to see people try to blame him for it.

The continuous assaults on Corbyn by the Murdock press that were so eagerly lapped up around here, but still Corbyn campaigned more and more effectively against Brexit than any other politician, and you know what? It’s ironic that all the assaults on Corbyn actually meant that that balanced media outlets couldn’t report on his campaigning in order to maintain balance. The mixed messages of the Tories squabbling and scaremongering got reported but not the real debates and discussions that happened through out the UK.

This is worth reading from the London School of Economics. Deals with a lot of the tabloid falsehoods. … -campaign/


Funny what doesn’t get reported in the Irish or British media…

Mainstream media silent as Jeremy Corbyn wins International Peace Prize,

Evil, evil Marxist.


The Daily Mail got there eventually, making sure to mention the IRA 13 times - and Corbyn 10 times.


Former winners include Michael D Higgins and John Hume. No award for David Cameron despite his efforts to ‘Make Love Not War’ with other species. Not a sausage.


so you haven’t read the book?
that bit underlined is simply a lie worthy of the Murdock [sic] press. Corbyn’s heart was never in campaigning to remain

Do you think Alan Johnson [Labour stalworth] is telling the truth below? Jack Straw? Corbyn the cretin even proposed that Cameron trigger Article 50 right away. Do you deny that? … ll-out-war

what do you think of Corbyn calling for Article 50 to be triggered immediately? Is that a Tabloid falsehood?


Some pieces from the lefties at the time: … m-36430606 … in-labour/

And shortly after: … r-betrayal

You can’t blame Corbyn for Brexit, it’s the Tories fault and the Tories fallout. You can say, though, that he didn’t care to remain…


@Slasher, This is nonsense. It’s basically attacking Jeremy Corbyn for going to bed at midnight and still being in bed at 6am. That’s funny.

With regards to Article 50, perhaps he didn’t fully understand the consequences of immediately triggering it? For your information Article 50 has now been triggered (not by Jeremy Corbyn) and the world is still turning. Arguing that the vote should be set aside would have been disastrous.

There are certainly a lot of grievances against the EU among the left, but most people (not all) see the benefit of reforming it from within rather burning it down to the ground. If Brexit had been defeated in the referendum then ‘Remain and Reform’ would have been seen as having a strong mandate. I presume that was the strategy. Any ‘Remain’ argument that Corbyn made was being taken by the press and presented it a a reason to ‘Leave’.


Yeah, imagine the greatest political upheaval in a generation and the leader of the Opposition is in bed!!

If Leo V/M Martin did that you’d have plenty to say.

I know article 50 has been triggered. The clock is ticking and the UK hasn’t decided on its future relationships l with the EU. Imagine if it had been done a year prior like Corbyn demanded!

Do you stand by your assertions that Corbyn campaigned whole heartedly for Bremain? Or are you rowing back on it?


If they were in the same bed? Ok, yes, you got me there.


Diverting from the Corbyn mess with a homophobic joke? Classy


You don’t understand what homophobia is, right?

adjective: homophobic

**having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.**
"homophobic remarks"

The joke is funny (if it is funny?) regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of anyone, but you get points for faux-outrage and twisted knickers…


It’s a real sign of weakness that you are going down this path instead of being mature enough to acknowledge that Corbyn failed to provide any sort of leadership to the Labour Remain campaign (and thereby provoked a leadership challenge) and thereby contributed to the fucking of the British Working Class


The British Working Class is very much capable of screwing themselves, as is evident for example by looking at the Brexit vote result demographics.


I don’t think there’s any doubt that Corbyn was lukewarm on the EU. His campaigning was lukewarm. I saw him say as much at a Townhall type meeting near the time of the referendum ‘It’s corporatist, I don’t really like it, but there are some good things, on balance it’s better to be in’.

Looking at the points above from the book.

  1. So Mandelson has Tim Shipman’s ear. Everyone know’s Mandelson is a creep. An ex EU commissioner who sees no wrong with it.
  2. Seumus Milne was going over things to make sure there was no corporatist crap. This is right and proper. Why would anyone trust Mandelson’s copy?
  3. Alan Johnson failed in the Referendum and will never be Labour leader. This contributes to his spite.
  4. that’s a “sentiment”. But its unsupported
    Pat McFadden slagged Corbyn in the House for daring to suggest that Western Actions contribute to Terror attacks. That’s a bit more than blotting your copybook. Would Blair ahve put up with a serving minster slagging him?
  5. … .xbgDEMlEv
  6. ‘Willowy’ ? WTF has that to do with anything
    7 ‘Stalin apologist’ seems like repeating a smear … -0024.html
  7. How dare Milne object to how Greece was treated ! OMG !
  8. Charlie Falconer would be Lord Falconer of New Labour…that Charlie Falconer

It’s a little ironic that Milne is described as “stalinist” for not being ‘on message’ in New Labourites whitewashing of the EU’s corporatist agenda


A Venezuelan propaganda channel suggests that Suemas Milne is not a Stalin apologist, citing an article from Sputnik News? With these comedy references, you are spoiling us!


He has at least two chances to become Labour leader and both times backed away, he seems to not want the job, which is a pity, I think he could beat the Tories easy but Corbyn my struggle to win a majority


Oh dear. The Tory attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn as a traitor has come badly unstuck.

4 minutes long. Well worth watching.

The Tories and the tabloids are waging war against the people and the sooner the people say ‘enough!’ and start fighting back the better.


The tabloids are deliberately creating the a climate of hate that will have Jeremy Corbyn murdered. I have absolutely no doubt about it. … emy-corbyn … pathy.html … 8578134576