Jekayla, 8 The Birches, Foxrock (-400k, -17%)

2010, asking €2.35m

claiming to whom…?

BTW … The following is one of the more interesting footnotes to B Ahern’s tenure as Minister for Finance

That would be a retrospective tax break. c**ts.

No harm in asking, is there?
But that’s something like 600 per sq ft, isnt it?

Yep, Your neighbours would be people like Johnny Ronan & Maurice Pratt

It is a house, in an estate with no garage or grounds to speak of.

€800k…in a solvent country.

An ugly house with ugly brick garden in what looks like a potentially good site.



Would be okay affordable housing for a family of 8 at 250k…

you can tell a builder owned it everything is graveled or concreted over. otherwise its a good spacious house in a good location with room to make it a good family home.

offer 420k eur

has a garage and is on 1/4 acre?

200 per square foot


+5 k for land

705k (in a solvent country)

In the past I would have thought you guys are mad. Now… I’m not so sure


we’re the sane ones
It’s the bubble prices which are insane.

We’re just still talking the lunatics down

Down from 2.35m to 2.1m … -18/406977

The back garden does look like the land of the oompa loompas.

Down to 1.95m … -18/406977

Sale agreed

Another one bits the dust!

There appears to be a reasonable bit of activity at the upper end of the market.

Sold … 02&Itemid=

Sale Agreed! … &Itemid=31

Tis SOLD I tell you and has been since July