Jerry Beades made no repayment on €2m mortgages for decade

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Is this the lad who turns up at loads of evictions and stops the homes being taken into possession?

A decade. Wow! Could be a record


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One of the gerry beades properties is said to have rented out and paid off the loan with is located in richmond road fairview. Wonder is it the same property on richmond road which houses easi screed - a company owned by Gerry?


IIRC Jerry ‘has interests’ in quite a few properties around Richmond road.


Businessman Jerry Beades loses appeal over €9.6m judgement

AN APPEAL by businessman and anti-eviction activist Jerry Beades against €9.6m judgment orders granted against him concerning loans advanced for a development of 48 apartments in north inner city Dublin has been dismissed by the Supreme Court.

The three judge court said the High Court had correctly found in 2012 that Mr Beades had no arguable defence to summary judgment as sought by Bank of Scotland plc.

At the request of Mr Beades, representing himself, it adjourned consideration of cost issues to October.

In his 2012 High Court judgment, Mr Justice Peter Kelly said Mr Beades had received the monies, advanced in four facilities by the bank between 2005 and 2008, had had the benefit of them and was obliged to repay them. It was very clear he had no defence to the claim, the judge held.

Mr Beades, with addresses at Richmond Road and Richmond Avenue, Fairview, Dublin, subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court.

Giving that court’s judgment on Monday, Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell, with whom Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne and Ms Justice Iseult O’Malley agreed, noted no steps have been taken to enforce the judgment despite no stay being imposed following the High Court decision of 2012.

Mr Beades, during the Supreme Court appeal, “studiously sought o avoid acknowledgement of the facts” but such matters as he did address made it clear, “by inference at least, he had received the monies in question, he said.

Mr Beades had made various arguments, including there was no admissible evidence to ground the bank’s claim, the judge noted. Mr Beades contended, inter alia, Certus, the entity managing the bank’s debt recovery process, was not entitled to give evidence in pursuit of the bank’s claim.

Mr Justice O’Donnell said that argument, based on the provisions of the Bankers books Evidence Act 1879, was misconceived.

7 years in court from trough to peak before you have to restate the bleedin obvious.


Beades is nothing but a parasite, No wonder he was a member of the Fianna Fáil executive for so long because he needed to be seen as ‘too important’ to bother about trivial matters like …paying his way,