Jesus, Mary and Josepha ! LPT on the rise


More likely this has to do with elections and trying to head off an issue


its not really sensible to have a tax that one small part of the country is paying an outsized percentage of


Isn’t there close to 33% of properties/population in Co. Dublin?
Ireland pop = 4.75m, Co. Dublin pop = 1.34m

It’s gas to hear the D4 chattering class whining about their tax bill and moaning that Micko in his Southfork-esque mansion in Castlebar pays little.


i was referring to south county dublin specifically, but in any event the point is not the total tax from a location, its the average amount paid, and its going to be a lot higher in Dublin and quite a lot higher in specific pockets


Probably not easy to get the data but I suspect there would be a reasonably high correlation between per capita income and property tax paid in any given area.


if thats the case the people involved will also being paying a hefty income tax bill then wont they :angry:


It’s a perfectly legitimate moan, given that a large amount of the tax ends up being redistributed to fix potholes in boreens around places like Castlebar. It should be paying for Metro North right now.


I always felt that D4 was by far the largest beneficiary of taxes. They have UCD with hundreds of well paid staff sucking at the government teat. Throw in Ryan Tubridy and the lads pulling in large salaries for decades in RTE. Surely D4 is the largest collection of welfare queens in Ireland. I always assumed this was self evident. Am I wrong? Sure even their fee paying schools are subsidised.


Dream scenario is that Lucinda Creighton runs as an anti LPT candidate next time out. ‘Eoghan Murphy is too busy running triathlons and having his beard trimmed and paying for unemployed people to live in the Gresham to abolish this Tax Against Ranelagh !’ Murphy saves his seat but Kate O’Connell loses out which delights Eoghan. Lucinda rejoins FG and “price” as part of deal is to abolish LPT which also delights Eoghan. This returns Lucinda to Leo’s side and restores balance to the force.


No, you’re completely right.


first off how many residents of Dublin 4 are actually working in RTE or UCD, a small percentage i would wager, secondly, i would suggest that the net contribution to the exchequer from residents of Dublin 4 is comparatively high.

also the funding for a private fee paying school is going to be less than the funding of a public ‘free’ school is it not.


Would it not be more or less the same with the taxpayer paying for the teachers in both?


Fee paying schools save the State about €8 million per year (about €300 per child), but then for some reason they also get capital grants that claim a lot of that back. … income.pdf


You also subsidise many of the schools because at least part of the fees paid are effectively offset against tax. For example you can make charitable contributions to the school and claim tax relief. If you are a company director you can make these from your company. The pressure on parents to make these donations is huge. A relative whose son started at a private school was invited to a ‘dinner’ for new parents. The half time entertainment was a presentation that emphasised that the school fees were very low to allow the school to be ‘socially inclusive’ and that wealthier parents were expected to contribute ‘donations’. There was a representative of the school at each table who rolled out the forms and explained the tax efficiency of the system. It was a real hard sell apparently - my relative - who has a few bob was dragged in for about 3k a year which he contributed out of his company.


Wow! If the State schools are only saving the State €300 per child on grants, then the amount of tax being misdirected easily offsets it, let alone the capital grants.

A high percentage of kids in private schools emerge a immature sociopaths, or even full blown psychopaths. A lot of people aspiring to send their children through that system are quite new to having a bit of money in their wider family circle and think it might secure them a bit of class. It really won’t, but they will end up with an attitude of superiority that will handicap their development for decades. Best to let kids mix in a society so they have a wider understanding of life.


:mrgreen: early start for your trolling today


That’s my experience. I went to one of the best fee paying schools in Dublin. Immature sociopaths and full blown psychopaths were everywhere (not me, obviously; I turned out well).


and if you went to the worst free school in dublin do you think there would have been any less of them?


No, a lot of kids in disadvantaged areas have very difficult home situations that make it very hard to properly address mental health issues, but I could say for certain that at least the school wouldn’t contribute to the problem.


you are making some very broad and inflammatory statements with nothing but anecdotal evidence or claimed personal experience, you cant expect anyone to take this seriously.

so kids in poor schools have untreated mental health issues and kids in private schools become psychopaths in the school?

funny i know a lot of private school educated people and not one psychopath