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Minister Josepha Madigan branded ‘a disgrace’ over letter about methadone clinic

Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan has been branded a “disgrace” after a letter was sent to her constituents hailing news that a methadone clinic won’t be located in their area.

The minister moved to distance herself from the letter, with her spokesperson saying the wording was not approved by Ms Madigan before it was sent.

But she sustained heavy criticism from opposition politicians for the update to constituents which says: “Confirmed - No methadone clinic in Ballinteer”.

The letter in Ms Madigan’s name reads: “I am pleased to reassure local residents that following representations from my office to the Department of Health, I have been informed that a new methadone clinic will not be developed at the Ballinteer Health Centre as the existing services are adequate.

“I know many people were concerned about this prospect following the closure of the methadone clinic in Baggot Street.”

The letter also says: “This health centre is used by many local residents and would not be suitable as a methadone clinic.”

Definitely no banging up in SCD. No Siree


People may not realise that water charges are back again,

However, they will be applied based on excess usage (and ONLY if you have a meter) starting in the current half year to end December. Actual bills are not expected before 2020.

But the excess usage counting has now started,


Jospepha courts the strong Arabic vote in Dublin Rathdown.


'No plans' to rename Kerryman with gender-neutral name (

The General Manager of the Kerryman, Siobhan Murphy, has said there are no plans to rename the newspaper with a gender-neutral name, as the brand is well recognised and would be destroyed if it was changed.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today With Claire Byrne, she said the company is responsible for the brand, which is “an honest brand” and one that the staff are very proud of.

She said it would be wrong to call it ‘the Kerrypeople’, adding that it would totally destroy the brand.

Ms Murphy’s comments come after the Minister of State for Special Education and Inclusion, Josepha Madigan, called for an end to gendered titles and language, such as 'spokesman’ and ‘chairman’.

Speaking on the same programme, Ms Madigan said the Kerryman is a “great independent newspaper” and while it is not up to her to tell media what to do, we should interrogate the words we use in our daily lives and see if they create an unconscious bias.

What a laughing stock the ‘right wing’ Fine Gael party has become. :icon_lol:


Sleeper cells and drones across the political SPECTRUM fully activtaed… see what I did there? :ninja: