Jim Miley on Q102's QT this evening

Just heard that Jim Miley will answer any questions put to him this evening on the show…

Ask him does he know what a tracker mortgage is…

Ask all sorts of awkward questions about the confrontation with irishpropertywatch.com

In fact if loads of people do this it could be a really fun show!

Ask him if his efforts to block IPW really make much of a difference given that DAFT is now the website of choice for advertising property for sale?

Just for divilment, like… :smiling_imp:


email address.

I have sent in Q’s, the more the better :slight_smile:

The voice of the people must speak!

Ask him how viable his site is now that he is actively stopping the compilation of property stats and annoying the rare buyer while pandering to the common seller.
Kinda like a night club that has 100 aul fellas looking for a smooch and 1 girl. How long could the night club owner expect to stay open if he started to offer half price drinks to blokes. :wink:

just asked this to challenge his statement ‘interest rates will not rise this year and unlikely next year’, lets see will the listen to the people? they have not asked him any of the others I have asked !!

Jim just said that interest rates are stable, how can he explain this comment from ECB then? Please ask this question, that is a misleading statement.

Quote: ECB Officials Say Inflation Risks Have Increased (Update4)

By Gabi Thesing and Meera Louis
Enlarge Image/Details

Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) – European Central Bank officials said food costs and record oil prices are fanning inflation pressures in the 13 euro nations, suggesting they may support further interest-rate increases.

Inflation risks have increased recently'' and the ECB will have to counter these risks should they materialize,‘’ said Germany’s Axel Weber in an Oct. 20 interview after a meeting of the Group of Seven nations in Washington. Austrian colleague Klaus Liebscher said the threat of faster inflation is ``significant.‘’

Oil prices have surged 45 percent since the start of the year and the cost of crude rose above $90 a barrel for the first time on Oct. 19.

Trichet said Oct. 19 it’s clear'' a further increase in energy costs will have an inflationary impact.‘’ Liebscher said ``there is no relaxation concerning the risks to price stability, it’s the other way around.‘’ Greece’s Nicholas Garganas said he’s also concerned about prices in 2008.

Policy makers said the surge in energy costs is likely to keep inflation above the ECB’s limit this year and next. Weber said futures markets show investors expect the cost of crude to stay ``above what we had based our projections on.‘’

Why are people looking for sense from the man? His colours aren’t firmly nailed to the mast… THEY ARE THE MAST!!! :open_mouth:

I need to be careful what I say but seems this mast is short of liathroids…seems asking the questions was a waste of time…back to watch it continue to unfold from the margins…but everything I saw in the US this time last year is just starting to play out here at home.

so they asked the IMF question !!! so he comes back with the immigration point !!

He made the point that as rents increase (they’ve been shooting up recently), people who are renting will instead logically decide they would rather put this dead money against a mortgage…and thus start buying.

He also said that prices will fall less than 10%

Also that myhome.ie has no interest in whether the market rises or falls - they are in the advertisement business.

And neither should anyone else, so they stopped them finding out if they have fallen.

All very well but put that into the context of the crumbling economy, the re-evaluation of risk and the now less than dynamic lending practices of the bank and it’s kind of hard to square the circle now isn’t it?

Plus, as we all know, more properties are likely to be taken off the market to take the squeeze off and put out to rent in the very near future shooting rents back down and there is already some small evidence of this…

Holy lord. Rent or sell there is no way out. It’s like a see saw with the muppets running to the highest side every time. The plunges will just get harder. Glad I’m watching from the sidelines. :confused: