Jim Power switches Horses...

Ends on a rosy note but my, haven’t times changed for Jim… Moanin’, cribbin’ and begrudgin’ with the best of them. It’s time he did his patriotic duty. :wink:

It was never the Stamp duty, it was always the December budget.

Go back to sleep Ireland. We’re at war with Oceania. We’ve always been at war with Oceania.

He just can’t help himself can he?

That’s the first “it’ll-be-grand-after-the-December-budget” I’ve heard so far. I guess we’ll be hearing more VI wank like this in the coming weeks and months.

Look at what Jim was saying last October.

It’s pure horse manure.

I mean, a couple already have to be paying €16,000 a year in interest alone on their mortgage to max out the current relief!!!

Mmm , really starting to wonder about how hard is it to become an economist.

Is the qualification easy to get ?

Do you just have to write away for it ?

In fact do you need to sit exams or for that matter have any intelligence level at all to become one ?

Because the end result being this individual , would seem to indicate that the label of " economist " is nothing to shout about and certainly not worth wasting time listening to :laughing:

Interest relief will only benefit owners, where are they going to get investors to buy the hundreds of thousands of houses either on the market or coming on stream in the short term?

In the same way I suppose , why does “BRENDAN” keep getting invited on to the ‘The Last Word’ for commentary on the property market :unamused:

Those Bulgarians that were camped out on the M50 roundabout and were sent packing home certainly didn’t sound like prospective house purchasers anyway :unamused:

let Jim give give them a morning market commentary off the overpass bridge .

What are the odds on them sharing the flight home with some of our own “savvy investors”?

Savvy and Canny will both be on that very flight with Jims pellucid and radiant in depth review of the Romanian economy / property market for light reading as they fly.

They will buy all around them In Bucharest , sure you cannot lose on property.