Jobs for the Boys

Publican and Fianna Fáil supporter Paidi O’Sé appointed to the board of Bord Iascaigh Mhara: … de_id=1126

EDIT: that website is down currently

I’d imagine there will be a rush of appointments by these gangsters as their time runs out. Appointments of judges etc. as well.In fact Albert Reynolds daughter was appointed a judge despite only being a junior council. Other SC’s were overlooked.

one presumes that FG/Lab will feck the whole lot of boards off and stuff them with their own ?

Not sure you can remove sitting board members… more likely you can only replace them when their time is up.
It’s FFs usual approach, treating government as their own private nest egg.

There’s gonna be a lot of “former” Fianna Fail TDs and Ministers after the next election.

If they had any decency/shame they would crawl under a rock and never show their face again. However we all know that effin fers don’t do shame.

There should be a national outcry over these people holding ANY office EVER…however, just wait and see…directorships, jobs in Europe, prestigious appointments, lobbyships etc all await them. I can see Mary Harney on the board of private hospital groups, can’t you?

I can see MH heading up Quinn Healthcare!

I can see Mary Harney in a Private Hospital

Hmmm… a Fianna Failer in charge of Irish fish. I know it may well give cause for concern; but how could you possibly make a complete and utter fucking disaster, that has global and generational ramifications with(lets face it) not that many fish?

Surely that’s not possible?

I wish! As a rule I don’t wish bad luck on others but in this case…

Also in Bord Failte - some more wit and wisdom here: … -o-se.html


“Let’s steal Irish fish says fearless Irish footballer publican and FF stalwart.”

That is disgraceful although I shouldn’t really be surprised anymore. What does this gombeen publican know about fish?

Well Paidi has been angling for a sinecure for years and now he has landed one :mrgreen:

I didn’t think that FF could disgrace themselves any more than they had, but I was wrong. It’s business as usual as far as they are concerned.

I don’t hold out any great hopes for FG or Labour either. IMO we need an entirely new political class.

Watch him start a war with Spain…

I happen to know that the other judge appointed according to that Irish Times link also has very close FF connections. She’s only been a senior counsel for less than a year.

Between now and the general election, watch out for Fianna Fail and the Greens appointing cronies to vacant positions on state boards, such as highly sought-after seats on the Arts Council.
First to be looked after is Paidi O Se, who has been appointed to An Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM). What would a Ventry publican and former football manager know about fish? We doubt that conundrum gave Brendan Smith, the agriculture and fisheries minister, much pause.
O Se recently stepped down after two terms on the board of Failte Ireland, where he received expenses and fees of 77,000 euros over four years. All those long trips from Ventry to Dublin, don’t ya know. And who would know better than John O’Donoghue, the Kerry minister who appointed O Se?
An Bord Snip Nua recomended that BIM be subsumed back into the Department of Agriculture. But, sure why would Fianna Fail do that, and have one less state board on which to put friends?

Sums up Fianna Fail party. This self serving sycophant gets another freebie at our expense. Sums up this country, I suppose.

Well, I suppose he could taint the country’s food chain by leasing our fisheries out as a dumping ground for nuclear waste, and then undercharge for the dumping rights.

I’m not sure how he could go global with it, but maybe our bank chiefs and regulator could advise him on that aspect.