Jobs In Construction

I was looking at this jobs website today which shows 1580 vacancies** for quantity surveyors in Ireland. Now considering there are only 1800 fully qualified QSs in Ireland, this represents a very significant number of vacancies. (Of course not all the vacancies are for fully qualified QSs but even so the number of vacancies are significant.)
This could indicate it’s not quite all doom and gloom (just yet) for construction in Ireland.

Note: **I can’t link directly to the search query, but if you input Profession: QS Recruiter Type: Both and Location: Ireland the above figure should come up.

Do you need to be chartered to work as a qty surveyor?
If not (which is suspect is the case) there could be a lot more than 1800 potential candidates to draw from.

I mentioned in the OP that not all jobs were for professional QSs. I put in that figure to give (a rough) context to the 1580 vacancies (on only one website). That is to say, the number of vacancies represent a large percentage of available candidates.

we should run a daftwatch type graph programme on and and that site mentioned above!

They will be needed for infrastructure projects and as far as we know the govt will keep building national infrastructure, we just don’t know how many QS’s would be needed :slight_smile: