Only if they’re vaccinated!

Plans to. Plans. 2 years. Plans. Please announce plans. Please. Plans.

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Sudden and abrupt exit stage left.

Tsunami of Job losses incoming?

Twitter set to cut half their workforce. 500 people employed in Dublin.

Ireland is Full, Twitter is empty.

… keep an eye on that site and the headlines next week and the rest of the month because by the end of the month Ireland may see anything from 4, 6, 8 maybe 10K jobs gone, not any old jobs, we’re talking Jewels in the Crown jobs here, from all the Big Names, you have your Twitter this week, it’s not hard to guess what Big Tech eggs are in the basket, some of which may be a shocking reality.

So stay frosty on the reporting and headlines, designed to spin and create an emotional response, the usual tactics to keep people off the reality of the implications and collapse, but the inevitable has begun by all accounts, it’s all done bar the shouting.

Nothing like a dedicated topic with a poll How many Big Tech Job Losses will occur in Ireland by end of November '22

Stripe were announcing lay offs as well.

This says they got 42 million from the State???

I mean, I know other businesses get small funding (5, 6 figures in tranches with targets to be met). And biotech startups get a fair bit too, but 42 Million???

Iirc one of those lads attended Bilderberg meet-ups maybe for a a sun moon and stars session.

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For the specific event of tracking the Big BIG Tech job numbers in one place see Wiki here > #BlackNovember 🇮🇪 Job Loss Projection + Tracking

Clouds on the horizon 70% of Irish SME's fear closure - 2023