John Fleming back in his "former home"

Not exactly news to anyone down Whesht but should raise a lot of blood pressures, nice tough the son in law buying the house and 6 acres for €250k and then building a 3000 sq foot mansion on his father land…jeez theres great money in the auld quantity surveying all the same :wink: … 43821.html

  • Kim Bielenberg

If ever there was a template for how to work the system of Irish business as it has become. That’s it.
Clearly described by Kim.

This country truly has a crisis of corruption.

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Good piece of news reporting by Kim.

Johnny Ronan of Treasury Holdings has been generous too, this months Phoenix magazine covered the dealings with his sister Gillians restaurant business.

Meanwhile, I’m about to spend the day ripping out tiles to see how much damage has been caused to the walls and floors of my house due to the incompetence of Mr Fleming’s plumbing staff…

My sympathies, I have a friend of a friend who was a quantity surveyor with Flemings, lost his job and is now in New Zealand with his young family, wonder what he would make of the article.

I spent most of today down Whesht. Some interesting comments, a fair few of the locals didn’t know that the house had been sold, and no one knew that it was the son in law who had bought it. Most seem to feel sure good luck to him. When asked if they had known it was for sale would they have been tempted to bid…absolutely not was it because the price was high/low, no it was Flemings house and no man in the parish would have bought it. The Field is alive and well

When talking to such individuals, I often find they don’t understand the fact that they have been stumped with the bill.

And we are expected to pay a property tax to keep this system going?

Insert multiple expletives here.

Posted this in the database thread but probably needs to go here too

I have looked at all the data and I CANNOT SEE John Flemings house bought allegedly by the son in law odd that

Try Butlerstown.

Any word if NAMA got the “income purchase order” on Fleming that they applied for in the UK courts?

I did and Seven heads and unless I am dreaming it wasnt there but as you say there are houses in Ballymacredmond for the amount mentioned in the Indo but John Flemings to the best of my knowledge is in the Seven heads the townland of Ballymacraheen or Ballylangley there is a house in the Seven heads but the amount is different €218k

There’s one in Ballymacredmond for the right price but think 2010 might be too early.

thats the thing, you’re average rural fianna fail voting bumpkin generally doesnt see himself as contributing to any national bill paying and would actively strive to be a net beneficiary of the system, hence the moral ambiguity and hence the reason why you have the likes of genus Healy Rae elected in rural constituencies all over the country. Its like an inverted version of liverpool

Jeez didnt the son in law get a great bargain after all. He paid €250k for the house and 6 acres,

This, is by West Cork Standards is “up the road” … 11375.html

about a third to a quarter in size to the Fleming house on a third of the acre and asking €215k even allowing for the asking versus the sale
I wonder could the son in law be employed to negotiate with the Troika :laughing: