John Hurley: Last of the breed ??

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Aggresion is the flipside of depression. Give me a loaded Kalashnikov and I’d gladly wipe out the establishment and feel totally vindicated I done the state a service. Btw, willie O’ Dea’d be the first.

What was the question?

He is one of the people most to blame, and I’m glad the Indo skewered him. Bit late, but better late than never I suppose.

By the way I noticed Ryan Tubridy had an article in the Independent’s Weekend supplement hitting out at what he called online cowards that criticised the establishment but were too cowardly to give their real identities.

I don’t know if he is referring to this forum, but if he is, Ryan, I know you, and next time I meet you I’ll happily tell you I post here, and what moniker I post under.

I heard Ryan the other day on the radio. People were talking about emigrating and Ryan didn’t like the way it was going at all. Calling it “johnnygloomypants” or something. Ryan will never have to emigrate,Ryan is connected. Ryan is a smug,self satisfied git. FF to the core.

Mr. Tubridy will never experience poverty or the fear of poverty. He will never experience crushing debt beyond his ability to pay. He will never wonder if he will be able to provide a standard of life for his family.

I don’t know him, but if he wants to PM me, I’ll appear on his show and reveal my identity to the nation :unamused:

Does anyone know the educational background of Hurley?

This guy had no intuition for basic statistics. And I mean basic.

We had a pair of innumerate fucks (Neary and Hurley) running the bank regulatory system. Their only obvious skill was covering their own asses. Just like their vintage champagne-swilling pals at FAS.

It is interesting that Tubridy, that well connected scion of the Andrews family, feels the need to chastise ‘online cowards’ who criticise the establishment.
It indicates two things:-
1 the establishment surfs the net and realises that some people know what is going on,
2 the establishments greatest fear is of snipers with either a sword or a pen. God knows where they would be if the great unwashed cottened onto their game.