joint agents

i had a house for sale with an agent for 2 months. i know estate agents have a bad rep but this guy took the biscuit. played us for fools for the 2 months, didn’t advertise the property or even put up a sign.

so we ditched him and got another agent in about 2 weeks ago. 1st agent was fine about this, even said it was probably time somebody else had a shot at selling it (after 2 months!). the 1st agent still has the keys and we’re having trouble getting them back.

now the 1st agent calls out of the blue to say he has somebody coming back for another viewing and they are very interested. he has lied to us non-stop since we met him, but i don’t see what he has to gain from making this up since we have already switched to another agent. he clearly wanted the house off his books so there must be some truth to this potential buyer? we told him to go ahead with the viewing.

but where do we stand with regards to agent commissions if one of them sells? we appointed the second agent as a sole agent. we didn’t sign a contract with either of them, although the second agent did give us a document with terms & conditions.

anyone know where i stand? thanks.

Actually quite a bit of similar discussion on AAM today about the very same thing. Not your thread is it? Concensous is that if you haven’t signed any contracts with the EAs then winner takes all and you only pay the one who gets the sale.

no, that’s not my thread. thanks for the link.