Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States

Good man Joe

And please, Paxlovid rebound, do not fail us now, in this our hour of deepest need.

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It’s exactly a year to the day or so I believe. What are the odds?

Cloak and Mirrors.

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The experimental Pavloxid drug costs $530.

Proven, effective and safe Ivermectin is essentially free.

But in America big pharma always wins.

Found it… while Kamala was born in the US, her parents were apparently there on visas, so if Joe does step aside expect there to be questions about whether she’s eligible for the presidency aka a “natural born citizen”.

That’s Racist. :wink:

The same site I sourced it from had a comment saying she is/was put down as Caucasian on her birth cert… haven’t seen the cert so I don’t know. But she’s Jamaican- Indian, not African American.

Biden’s got some of the worst approval ratings from any US president. All signs to him being smashed in the midterms with President Trump set to be the biggest beneficiary.

I wonder…

Even Biden with late stage dementia is more coherent than this woman.

Two quarters of GDP contraction in a row for the US. That is the technical definition of a recession yet no one in the MSM media is labeling this as a recession.

Ask yourself this. If Donald Trump was president, what do you think they headlines would be?

It’s all about accessibility
Being sensitive that some of your audience might be blind and hard of hearing
But it’s getting taken too far
And makes a joke of the good idea

Oh yea so how can she qualify to be a Vice-President since she would be automatically next in line huh?

This and then the exposé of the young Hunter (a historically and well documented national security risk with access to the throne… c’mon man), gives more power to the “fake” presidency specualtion, or man in the (DC) castle idea.

Then we have Pelosi, 3rd in line right?! :dipso:

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House of cards script in play.

What happens next? Never watched it.

Although I have yes minister & yes prime minister on DVD :blush:

Frank gets to be pres.

In plain sight.


Well that didn’t take long, just 7 days before Pavloxid was exposed.

Who knows what sort of mutated variants of covid that this experimental drug will end up creating.