Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States

Perhaps not the most appropriate thread, anyhow:

“this is a classic marxist playbook move. you start from the top and replace the generals with political hacks, but this is insufficient. the goal is to shape the military to serve your politics and if the rank and file do not believe, they will not turn upon their own. so you get them learning to fight about pronouns instead of learning to win battles on the field. because, in the end, you want a different kind of soldier. you want a soldier who sees a different kind of enemy.”

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Yes, yes they do.

Why is no one talking about this in the MSM?

I know attention spans are short these days, but do people not remember that just only 1 week ago Sleepy Joe was boasting about how he had overcome covid so quickly?

After boasting about being a good little boy scout and taking whatever experimental shots and antibody treatments that Pfizer and big pharma were selling, he is still sick!

An associate got covid last week for the first time. Last vax was January. Symptons gone but still showing 2 bars on antigen which come up almost immediately. She asked the HSE what to do and they said to stop taking the tests​:thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl:


Spoiler alert. This won’t lower inflation, nor help with the climate.

How many times does it need to be repeated, the cure for high prices is high prices :roll_eyes:

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The entire world can see the waft of sleaze emanating from the Dems.

Have the shots accelerated Sleepy Joe’s dementia? The poor man hasn’t a scooby’s of where or who he is.

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Same energy

The cognitive/physical decline has increased notably over the last few months. Incidents that happened weekly/month are now happening daily. It’s only a matter of time until one of these slips, falls, stumbles, gaffes will cause either damage to Biden himself, or America. Very good chance he will not make it through this Winter.

Why not give him a second term, have him get even more votes winning with a bigger margin, I think people would just go along with it

Indeed, in this country at least, the orange man is now seen as very bad and not just bad and old Joe as an even nicer old man who only means well and can’t help his age and health…

If the Dems try and steal the next election, there will be civil war.

I cant see how this is can be avoided, either way.

Foolish talk, civil wars happen with the ruling class of a country can’t decide on some key issue, so the issue is finally resolved with violence, the ruling class in the US are happy enough with Joe Biden, if the voters/suckers don’t like it, who cares

There was a previous Uncle Joe who could not be criticised as described in Orwell’s forward to Animal Farm which wasnt published until over 25 years later.

His claims that the Soviet regime was uniquely shielded from criticism is held up by the fact that Apocalypse Dresden was published in the early 1960s in which Churchill and other Western Ally leaders and military commanders were unequivocally called out as war criminals and Irving was at the time a much celebrated historian (his defenestration came only after his later books)