Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States


Nah, the Q stuff is completely ridiculous.


Live Feed:


America is going full gay


Garth Brooks is now singing “amazing grace”… weird thing, he co-founded a childrens charity called the “Touch’em All Foundation”.


Now updated, with valued added extra MASKS


When they have the big military reversal that awaits them (drone swarm etc) they’ll double down

“the problem is we didn’t go gay enough




Briefly tuned into the first presser and first think I see are masks being held aloft and talk about social distancing, then we’re onto green house gas emissions… no where to defect too.


I imagine Joe will be set a big workload and then “sadly find it was too much for me” and abdicate.


Yes will be very difficult to follow in the footsteps of that notorious (tv watching/tweeting/golfing) workaholic Donald Trump.


Let’s see, hmm ok… oh yes, this one should do, ahem…

…Dat didn’t take looong did it! :sleeping:

Fight The Power! :fist:



I think the post 1997 Blair regime has some relevance. Yes that was a landslide which is different. But the Dems have immense landslide power all over the State & Media, Universities, Law etc and are quite pompous in the way Blair was. There was a similar push just 'to get the tories out"

I expect to see a lot of hypocrisy. Big strategic errors driven by hubris etc

"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond

Could be describing Ireland, uniparty consensus rule.


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Very well summised @Boston which i would say represents the majority view. The people on this site then going with the classic straw grabs like “look how many viewers Trumps speech got compared to Biden’s speech/innauguration - so much for the president with the most votes in history huh” miss the point completely. Trump is/was a self-serving, narcissistic shill. All he cared about were ratings and numbers and he duly got them because he was a modern click-bait media’s wet dream whereby he made offensive and/or moronic statements on a daily basis keeping him on front pages worldwide. There’s no substance or moral fibre to the man which is clear for anyone with half a brain.

Biden won by a landslide for the exact reason you say - not because of his talents (the man has seriously, seriously over achieved here) but because he’s not Trump. Despite the entertainment value around Trump, the vast majority of people don’t want our political leaders as the headline story every day - go away and get your work for your country done quietly and efficiently where possible, and with some moral decency. All traits that are alien to brand Trump.

As for Qanon, sadly their little underground movement isn’t really underground anymore and their insane beliefs have permeated most westerns democracies at this point, you see it at anti-mask/lockdown protests in Ireland/UK. Surely it’s the media’s duty to report that? The beauty is all they have to do is report it accurately, their asinine beliefs provide all the rope they need to hang themselves.

"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond

Biden isn’t popular. Any other election year, he would have struggled to make it to the run off for the Dem nomination. There is no outpouring of self satisfaction at his success (unlike Obama for obvious reasons). Most people (including me) struggle to articulate what he actually stands for politically, though he seems to be a genuine likeable guy with a back story. He also passes the “I’d happily have a beer with him” test.

None of this is the point. He’s not Trump. That’s what matters to most. Social media is still all about Trump losing, not Biden winning. Which is odd given Trump is now banned from most popular platforms.

As for the media and QAnon - they love a bogeyman. If you watched CNN you’d think QAnon were the most sophisticated, organised and well funded threat to the US since Castro. When the truth is a lot simpler - the events of the 6th put paid to that. Even Trump was embarrassed by the low rent crowd and their tactics. He recognised their inelegance. The dude in the horns and pelt will always be the public face of the movement from now on. And that says it all. A bunch of nobodies who got violent when they realised they were left out to dry. By the way the media will turn on BLM too at the appropriate time too.

But none of this actually matters. It’s over for Trump. He squandered the success of 2016 because it was all a front. There was no substance. Bannon even said as much recently.

"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond
"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond
Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States

Google have many times but most recently, engaged in pro-active removing of downvotes and the are doing it on Biden videos.

It is not a new practice by google. You simply and probably did not notice it, because you were not looking for it - so, unless you write a script to catch it as some have or watch very carefully and use video or image capture to document and compare over time, how can you notice the vote fluctuations, which people have done.

It is being done because, well, people are expressing their distaste at what they have witnessed, by turning the table on the big-tech who have been gaming it against populations at large.


Biden EO’s are available under the Public inspection tab, dated to land on the 25th.


“The people on this site”

Please explain to “the people on this site”, if you are able, why youtube appear to actively manipulate the likes/dislikes count on videos hosted on it’s platform and why it is of no significance whatsoever - please see below a topical and on-topic example: