Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States


“Moral Decency” is such a subjective thing. Biden is gonna bomb the morality into middle eastern peasants and harass the morality into American Christians. By Christians I mean actual Christians not people like Biden who are in no meaningful way observant and are basically looking for reassurance while they’re alive. Biden is a categoric monster. His son certainly thinks so. But I guess you know better !


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Why does Nancy Pelosi own over $500k of Tesla call options?


Keystone XL oil pipeline

Pity there is no 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, oh well… :whistle:



Fun, and i’m sure totally genuine, graph. If YouTube were actually doctoring the likes on that video that is both silly and unnecessary in equal measure. Who actually cares?

For of course there are going to be a large swathe of dislikes with the state the US is in. The Trump worshipping gang are the most “online” people imaginable, they live there and the garbage they read and share online is the fundamental cornerstone of their personality. They are a lot more likely to actively express negative online reviews than a normal Biden voting person who has moved on with their life.

I mean what normal working adult is spending their time watching that on youtube anyway? Like I said, most people aren’t interested in politics generally let alone political ceremonies. If i lived in the US would i have voted Biden - Yes. Would I have watched his speeches on youtube and clicked like - No, why bother?!

@BlameGame Remains to be seen what if any war or bombing Biden orders. It would continue a long US tradition of it, if so. Also i hate the “whattaboutery” crap but come on, you throw the fake christian thing at Biden (I have no idea if he is or not) on the back of Trump - the most blatant religious spoofer going! The videos of him lying about his favourite bible passages are hilarious for their blatant see through nature. He was welcomed with open arms by the religious fumdamentalists in the US for his abortion promises/packing the Supreme Ct, not because of any great belief in their made up thing of worship or his lifetsyle to which they turned a blind eye .


Hmm… “MAGA rioter”’s brother used to lead M Obama’s security detail…


Oil and gas already suffering, end result, normal yanks end up paying more to heat their homes and drive their cars and well paying blue collar jobs continue to decline. OPEC and, ironically, Russia will benefit. But Trump said mean things on twitter!



All this was raised during Brexit.


Jan 25th

In case it was missed, Charles Flynn, the brother of Michael Flynn, is now commands the US Army Pacific.

Lt. Gen. (Promotable) Charles A. Flynn, deputy chief of staff, G-3/5/7, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C., to commanding general, U.S. Army Pacific, Fort Shafter, Hawaii…


Biden has been working hard!

42 Executive Orders in the first, 9 days?

Previous Presidential first weeks (EOs), for comparison: Trump 5; Obama 6; Bush 0; Clinton 2; Bush 1.

Biden’s previous position on EOs :thinking::thinking::thinking:



Loved ES since Morrowind :grinning: never did the MMO mind…



This image of before/after pricing for insulin in the US appeared online recently.

Not having time to verify it, since then some videos and comments appear to backup the reality many diabetics or parents of diabetic children now face under the Biden Admin recent run fo EO’s, reversing what Trump admin put in place via EO’s/

Mother breaks down, can not pay for 9 year old son insulin -

A sample comments from that above linked video:

My husband is a type one diabetic for 57 years!!! When we first married a bottle was $1.69 - now 325.00 a bottle. He is a 73 year old amputee and STILL has to work part time to be able to afford his medications.

Another example:


Killing the weak in plane site is now a thing. The thing.


Did you ever see or remember those ads on TV.

“For just $1 dollar a day, little African/Asian Johnny will receive live saving medicine/vaccine/something or other… donate $15 a month and you can save x…”

How about a bit of that over here eh!?

Do you think the HSE get great value when the use their massive buying power in negotiations.

It’s not profitable for Big Pharma to kill their cash cows, those incurable walking sick, they present a lifetime payment plan on legs.

Perhaps @jmc can give a run down of how it works or does not work in the US and what these peopel are facing and why.

It’s a big vast place and socialised health systems are one thing, and I don’t pretend to understand Obamacare fully, and we now have Angola, eh, sorry the HSE running the entire nation, but if you have money there is superior options and pathways they seem to exist int eh US because there is a market.


Tens of thousands of asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico to be allowed into US

Biden administration takes major step to dismantle Trump policy that exposed people to violence in Mexican border cities

The Biden administration on Friday announced plans for tens of thousands of asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico for their next immigration court hearings to be allowed into the United States while their cases proceed.

The first of an estimated 25,000 asylum-seekers in Mexico with active cases will be allowed in the United States on 19 February, authorities said. They plan to start slowly with two border crossings each processing up to 300 people a day and a third crossing taking fewer. Administration officials declined to name them out of fear they may encourage a rush of people to those locations.

The move is a major step toward dismantling one of Donald Trump’s most consequential policies to deter asylum-seekers from coming to the US. About 70,000 asylum-seekers were enrolled in Remain in Mexico, officially called Migrant Protection Protocols, since it was introduced in January 2019.

Tens of thousands of asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico to be allowed into US | US immigration | The Guardian


What could possibly go wrong. I’m sure Mehole will be putting in 2 cents to Sleepy shortly, if hes still there/alive/free. Both of them. :ninja: