Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States


I’ve no idea what’s going on but I’m still certain that the dementia patient is still not president of the US.


“Love of children”. :thinking:


Less than one third of these “children” when DNA tested have any relationship to their accompanying “parents”. More than 80% of these “children” are at least over 16.

Many hundreds of illegals are being robbed, murdered and raped every week on their way to to border. The humans rights organizations in Mexico and Central American are telling horrific stories. There are very well financed “open borders” organizations which are handing out leaflets in Guatemala and Honduras at the moment that are telling the locals that as long at the get to El Norte and seek asylum they will get automatic US citizenship, full welfare and free healthcare.

The Mexico government has tried to seal its southern border to stem the mass migration. Which is why President Obrador is so fucking pissed at Biden. He has been very publicly berating Biden the last week or two. The Mexican government may have complained in public about Trump in the past but Trump solved most of Mexico’s huge illegal immigrant problem from the south. If it gets as bad as the Obama years then the current beatings by the border troops and federales will escalate to “disappearances” again. So many more indios / maya etc will end up in shallow graves in the jungles of Chiapas and Campeche. Just like they always do when this stuff happens.

And all so that the affluent white Democratic voters of California, Arizona etc can have cheap no liberal white guilt, nannies, house cleaners, gardens and handymen. Less than 10% of illegals work in ag and they are mostly from the northern Mexican states just up for a few years to save enough to build a house or farm back home. Very different from the human wave from Central American. Almost all poor illiterate peasants. Who would gladly work at one quarter of minimum wage, under the table, through a “contractor”. The current unemployment rate in the greater LA area for unskilled labor is close to 30%. It was less than 10% at the start of last year.

The high murder rate in central American is not political is its driven by gang warfare related to the drug trade. When the gangs are stomped hard in the US the murder in Central America drops. Due to loss of distribution channels. So less to fight over. For the last few years almost all anti-gang police initiatives have be stopped in California. Because they were “racist”. So the gangs are back in force in the US and the murder rate has gone way up in Central America as the fight over the spoils starts up again.


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NEW - Biden to showcase “moderate radicalism” tonight.


9:49 PM · Apr 28, 2021


How’s that ‘Joe, friend of Ireland’ thing working out so far

Ireland should not attract multinationals through tax policy, former US Treasury Secretary says

There has been an excessive attraction to locate in Ireland coming from tax arbitrage, according to Larry Summers

Ireland should move away from attracting multinational companies through tax policy, the former US Treasury Secretary and Chief Economist of the World Bank has said. Changing to attracting business through non-tax incentives will “pose certain challenges” for Ireland, Larry Summers added.

Summers said he hopes there will be “negative pressure” on Ireland to make itself attractive through “it’s very substantial real advantages” rather than as a location to pay less tax.



People think…

This image is from 2017 tweet


However, you will be glad to know, she does get on a plane and not fall off the other side onto the tarmac. :slight_smile:


"What advice would you give a young lady wanting to become president of the United States?

“… in that term of office of the president the president will will die… and the woman will become the president under the law our constitution once that barrier is broken, from then on men better be careful… that’s the way it’s gonna happen”


Kamala’s recent visit to Guetamala.



The Dems are very unpopular in Central America. The people at the bottom do like that the border is basically open so they can send cash back to their families but they also are the main victims of the criminal gangs that use big California cites as safe havens. The whole “Sanctuary City” dangerous bullshit not only means that very large number of Central American criminals flee to El Norte to avoid prison but for the gangs in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are basically run from LA. Where the gang leaders are untouchable.

The new twist is that since the Federalization of the Narco War in Mexico a lot of the nacro gang control has moved to safety north of the border. The local law enforcement try their best but when you have politicians like Gascon in the pay of Narco’s and Garcetti a willing accomplice not a lot they can do at the moment. Plus the gossip around LA is that by this stage Musk operations are little more than money laundering businesses for the nacros. Not only is Musk best buddies with senior narcos but a lot of recent weird stories start making sense once you realize where the money is coming from. And going. And who Musks business associates are. Like the libel case, for instance.


Delorean Rockets n’more ways than one wha! :rocket:


Look, this comes with a cornflakes & coffee warning …mmK!


Spot the difference…

Hint: An unflattering, sternish-looking Ivanka pictured in a nasty article - written by someone from that bastion of Leftism - Maynooth (see Rory Hearne) - compared with a prettier-than-reality pic of the Golden Girl herself.

And when comparing first ladies directly - RTE doesn’t disappoint - with a pic of another stern-looking Trump gal:


That’s awfully embarrassing for Maynooth - but all shame has long died there I guess. ‘Yeah man. We did away with all that Catholic gibberish. We make our own globogibberish now’.

Do I detect a hint of bitterness at Ivanka’s unequivocal European heteronormative beauty ?

Imagine paying 100k to 150k pa for this sort of nonsense

Fishing for Girls: Romancing Lesbians in New Queer Cinema

Maria Pramaggiore

RePresenting Bisexualities: Subjects and Cultures of Fluid Desire

Donald E. Hall

Maria Pramaggiore


As seen on top page of popular gabs


Tick or Clot?


Seriously… he is not all there…


Biden Back Better

He must be putting’ it on, like ya know, fake it till you make it! :whistle:


Even the Guardian turning on him…

Latest poll trends and the political dynamic in Washington point to a Republican takeover of Congress next year, the thwarting of much of Biden’s agenda, and a failing, one-term presidency. This gloomy scenario may change. Hopefully it will. But the democratic world can only watch America’s unfolding Lear-like drama and, fearing a recurring nightmare in 2024, mutter all-a-tremble: “Please, not Trump again!”


Photo of Biden getting his booster shot.

Slightly wider angle than the other pictures…