Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States

Thats the basement they keep him in.

Plus you will find that there was a fully manned ER station behind one of those doors. Easier to hide an immediate adverse response event in that set up.

I saw this with the closer framing. I knew immediately the exterior windows behind him were fake but that’s TV or what not, but what’s the big deal?

It’s not like the man in the castle is suppose to be the first D.C. CEO to land on the moon ya know!? :whistle:

Sept '21

“Our country is in big trouble” - Trump

For, well, everybody. Even Potatoes.

Seen on twatter… interesting take

Best part

On a Southwest flight from Houston, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday morning, an Associated Press reporter heard the pilot end a message over the public address system with the phrase, prompting gasps from some passengers.

brilliant - it upset some of the polite society folk

Are they only reporting LGB now as a nice distraction instead of the VAX revolt across the USA?

Perhaps. But I see it more as a regime that is brittle and neurotic and cannot countenance any disobedience or let it snowball. It was reported to threaten others.

Was the same with Trump

But if the economy continues to slide, LGB might get too big, Kamala loves it I’m sure

Of course I don’t expect RTE or the IT to report on LGB

They would believe lgb was missing letters and characters.

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Paul O’Neill and Dee Forbes
Main managers of Ireland’s Memory Hole

I’m not making the connection there, what do you mean?

A large % of the voters in the US don’t like Trump, the woman in the picture above is one of them, for giving Trump the finger I think she lost her job, that was not fair IMO

The Irish media will report any and all anti Trump stories, but you won’t here much about Biden’s falling popularity, as inflation rises and incomes fall, fuck Joe Biden or LGB is only going to grow

Do you mean a % who voted for him?

Insulting the God Emperor who is fighting Anti-Americans (mostly stupidly and unsuccessfully it must be said) is a completely different thing to telling the defender of Trotskyites, Race Hustlers and Trannies to fuck off.

What irks them about Let’s Go Brandon is that they crave legitimacy, are touchy and hate that it’s a collective expression of contempt so they can’t go after individuals.

Also Let’s Go Brandon just shows that no matter how they try to police “hate speech” they can’t stop people using code - If you say “Bike Thief” or “Gang Rapist” in America people know who you mean.

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Let’s Go Brandon Trump Q+



Sleepy Joe nods off at COP26

Let’s go, Noddy!