Joseph R. Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States


“QAnon & Trump … make it hard”

Poor old Joe, so many demons livin rent free in his head, make it hard, if it is his head of course.

It’s been a while but… triggered much?

I was waiting for her to jump through the screen. I thought it was Christmas not Halloween! :popcorn:

Is she putting a bit of ‘blackvoice’ there?

Probably - she’s Indian-Jamaican and AFAIK has no African heritage, but I think she’s perceived as such. But hey something similar worked for Elizabeth Warren for years.

She sounds like the Big Momma in the audience who delivers a lecture to a Jerry Springer show guest.

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She spent her early childhood in Berkeley. On Bancroft between San Pablo Ave and Sac. On the flats so not the really fancy places where a lot of the UC Berkeley faculty live but actually quite a nice part of the city.

These are the mean streets she grew up on…

That’s right across from the house she lived in.

When she was a kid Berkeley was 25% black (now less than 10%) . But they all lived the other end of the city. To the south or to the far west. A mile or two away. She would have seen none of those kids. You have to go about 10 / 15 blocks south to find any real black blocks. Even back then.

Then she moved to that notorious black ghetto, Montreal. The whole “black upbringing” story they have in wiki is completely fake. Just like Obama’s. When she was City DA in SF she was deeply disliked by all the local blacks as just another uppity immigrant. She was never considered black at any time. Just another immigrant kid. And of course she then goes and marries a while guy. Thats going to make her really popular with local blacks. Especially the women.

The current mayor of SF is the real thing. A take no shit black woman born in the City. I really like her because she really cares for the city and tells the patronizing white “progressives” that they are full of shit. To their face. Harris is such a fraud as a “black” that a real black like Mayor Breed would destroy her with “that look” and a “yeah, honey, you’re black…”

So Harris “talking black” is about as genuine as Vanilla Ice back in the 1990’s. Talking of which , this ended Vanilla Ice’s career in the US one Sunday evening in 1991. On the the Saturday hottest music property in the US. On Monday morning, it was all over…

I have never seen a career ended so suddenly. Apart from the Big Bopper and Buddy Holly that is.

Well, kind of

By Jim Carrey himself…

Who did Vanilla Ice piss off that badly or did he just decline to join the club?


Video clip via telegram - this was apparently on Kilmeades show on Fox:


Quite a motorcade… how big are Obama’s?

At 1:44 Biden is asked a question about school closures effect on voters and he rambles for a few minutes only intermittently coherent and several times seems to lose his train of thought.

Senility is contagious! We need a vaccine Dr. Fauci!


"The White House throws Dr. Fauci under the bus. Asked about Johns Hopkins study that shows lockdowns failed, Psaki disavows them. “We’ve not been pro-lockdown — most of the lockdowns actually happened under the previous President.”

This person (identifies as genderqueer with they/them pronouns, his kinks are animal sexuality and ‘gay uncle’ BDSM) is now in charge of overseeing America’s nuclear power plants. This is how empires end. Not with a bang, but with whatever the hell this is