€1.5billion to be paid to AIB bond holders

From, 11th April 2012, citing NAMAWineLake;


](€1.5billion to be paid to senior AIB bondholders today ·

Blue Horseshoe

old news Blue Horseshoe … when you come up with the Blue star golden nuggets let us know. :slight_smile:

All these billions of debt…,
it is a bit like Liverpool’s season,
the first bad result last autumn was a shock,
but now with so many bad results the law of diminishing returns sets in,
and you’re thankful for emulating Bermingham City’s success in the league cup last year.
in ireland, we don’t care about the additional billions of debt,
we’re just glad if Inda shakes the hand of the Queen, Prince of Monaco, US President, Chinese President, Dennis O’Brien…
Winning the Eurovision Song Contest and it will be the icing on the cake!