Judge warns bankers of arrest

Judge Neilan strikes again!

Populist nonsense.

Not really. The banks have no moral authority to be going after anyone in the wake of NAMA etc.

Its the kind of stuff that rips massive holes in the social contract.

Do we have a social contract in this failed country???

I thought we were supposed to work our guts out for 40 years to get a modest roof over our heads and put food on the table - that’s if you are “lucky” enough to find work in this Banana Republic.

Plus our social contract to make the rich, the corrupt and those in positions of power and influence more obscenely rich.

Whatever folks but Judge Neilan is like Judge Roy Bean…

dem banks :unamused:

He could have also blamed the out of date legal system that takes so long to deal with personal bankruptsy.

“If there are bullyboys in any bank in this country, give me their name and I’ll issue a warrant and have them here by 2pm.”

Pah. He well knows he has no jurisdiction to do any such thing.

Longer version of that in print Indo and much longer in Mullingar Advertiser. Can’t link from here.

Apparently Shaanonside Northern Sound’s morning radio show have a campaign to honour the judge … Talk of getting him to run for aras.


Bankers are safe. The bauld John F retired this evening.

Judge Nielan retired?

Thats not going to go down to well on the Landlord forum…fact is I am actually sorry to hear that myself.

irishlandlord.com/forum/show … 955&page=2


This country gets more surreal by the day.

independent.ie/national-news … 99777.html

Stunned Ambrose I am. Stunned.

Ah jasus its Saturday back o bed for an hour…or two… stunned oh yes stunn…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It was,if memory serves,a solicitor who was demonstrating the weapon at a hearing,who accidentally shot the Judge,though why the halfwit did not check the weapon was unloaded is beyond me…the first,second and third rule of dealing with guns is… there is no such thing as an unloaded weapon.

The vast amt of accidents happen with “unloaded” guns.