Just sold a book for a lot of $... NEED SOME ADVICE


Is the exemption still for the chop following the new PFG?


Please tell me the zombie banks die at the end?


Sorry WGU,the black guy gets it first and the zombie banks just keep going until the inevitable sequels…



Get them to wear red shirts!



Do you ever give it a rest?


There’s a lot of rabid anti-green nonsense on the pin that i assume is mostly spouted by people who voted FF at the last election, but in an attempt to reconcile the current state of the country with their contribution to it, they blame the Greens instead. Cognitive dissonence.


Jamesblonde wrote:

James,wherever you are old son,just DUCK!!!


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Ah now I get it. Its a reality-warping Twilight Zone idea for the sci-fi author!

Clever. For a moment I thought you were just barking mad!! 8DD


If it were me i would immediately convert 10-20% of it into gold and silver (silver especially has lots of upside - it is important to take PHYSICAL DELIVERY of any metals you buy - do NOT let them sell you certificates), then also very quickly put the rest into a euro account (or a basket of currencies) - and then get some expert independent financial advice (be very careful and cautious who you listen to) - and then think hard what it is you really want from your money.

I would be very uneasy about leaving the money in a dollar account - that currency is doomed :open_mouth:

good luck - when will your book be in the shops?


any advice you see… ok your words not mine … here goes any advice…
well try making other posts instead of just the one post where your looking for advice on what todo with $170k, after all your a big admirer of the site
make a public statement saying you refuse to apply for writers tax exemption , or donate 75% of it to charity on the grounds its immoral to accept a state handout when the state is treating so many disadvantaged people without vocal representation in such a disgraceful manner
pay your taxes
you did say any advice
sorry did I upset the general warm fuzzy feeling we had going on there.
Irish people seem to think someone elses fortune will rub off on them if they doff the cap
congrats on the success of the book … can I say that even after my other comments, seems I can, I just did.


It will probably be altered anyway, most writers earn very little, sums such as 170,000 are rare and he may find it has to last a long time.

I agree if he has other earnings which are consistent he should not avail of tax break and same should apply to a whole lot of others, businesses avail of tax breaks too but it could be all he earns for the next ten years that’s the way it is for most writers.

Don’t consider it cap-doffing to congratulate someone on an achievement.

Anyway this is a whole other argument there is loads of info available and breakdown of writers earnings on this site.



Sam, congratulations on the book deal.
Forget euros, dollars, gold. What you need to get into is flux capacitors.
You can now buy 'em cheaply on eBay and the demand for them has never been greater.
You also need to buy an old de Lorean car from the North.
Drive it down to the Dail and park outside.
There’s a really bad situation going on down there, the whole government, and FF are literally stuck in the past, way back around 2005, they cannot move on! The clock above the Taoiseach’s office hasn’t worked for over FOUR YEARS!
What you’ve got to do ASAP is hook the flux capacitor up to the de Lorean’s driveshaft, then rev the engine until the flux capacitor screams THIS ONE’S FOR NAMA! then shoots a thunderbolt right into the Dail on the stroke of midnight - this is the only way to wake up the TDs and bring them back to 2009!
Note: this idea might not make you any money, but at least it will improve your children’s chances of having a future.


Any advice?

Set up shop in a proper tax-haven.
Move the money off-shore.
Move the IP and licensing rights off-shore.
Follow with your family.

Or follow BoB’s post supra.


This is a proper tax haven for writers


No he can’t, I just bought the last one.


Sam G,
HAve a look at the latest post on the TRUE state of the US economy -not what you see on the TV,read about in the papers,

The US and the UK are bankrupt,no amount of weasel words can get around the fact that their economy’s cannot ever hope to pay back the mindboggling debts both their governemnts and citizens have run up,the governments of both countries have,as you will no doubt be aware,chosen to bail out the banks which have brought their respective economies to their knees with taxpayers money,thereby sending government borrowing in each country into the stratosphere.

THere will be only one way out for both countries and that is money printing and a huge devaluation of the currency as a result.I personally believe the dollar and sterling will lose in the region of 50% of their value in the next decade;the pound will eventually be replaced by the Euro after its devaluation.

Think of it what you will,I’m no economist or forex trader,there might be rallies between now and then but the long term trend is down-see my posts on the long term decline of the pound over the last 100 years,and the dollar since the formation of the Federal Reserve.


Can I frame this?


2 bed apt in Antibes, ‘assured heart stroke’, what’s not to like??

green-acres.fr/en/propertie … 373016.htm


A little lower and I’m sold. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do people still get 170k advances on sci Fi books or any books in 2018?

I was surprised and then I saw the date.