Just what are the facts regarding declaration of bankruptcy?

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I may be wrong but I don’t think an individual can declare bankruptcy in Ireland, only a company can. Unlike the USA where an individual can declare it.

I know someone who handed back his keys and when pursued explained he had no money. That was the end of it.
However, he might find it hard to get credit again in the country he left.

ON top of that accoring to RTEs primetime, Ireland is one of the last EU countries to still throw people in prison for not paying debts, case in point was a lady who owed only a few thousand to a credit union! Nasty. She should never have been in prison, she had a child and was a single paretn (mature one at that if I remember) but none the less the system sent here down.

It probably cost the taxpayer 10 times that amount jsut to process the whole thing from start to finish for what?

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And he’ll also have to kiss bye bye to any part of the capital that he’s paid off.

I knew a guy, worked as a pharmacist.

Declared bankruptcy twice.

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