Justice demands bankers in handcuffs - indo letter

Well written article in today’s indo
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I guess the question is what laws were broken? Is it against the law to be wreakless? I honestly don’t know! Maybe bank directors could be criminally liable?

I guess that we don’t have appropriate laws is the problem - take Seanie (please) he hid loans but

Therein lies the problem. It is more than what laws were broken - it is merely - What laws?

Absolutely spinnaker - but this government will not do that because these laws will then apply to them too!!

Where does it say that? Sorry, can’t seem to find it.

Wha?? :open_mouth:

I’m fairly sure you can’t just go and change the law and then charge people for doing something that was legal at the time they did it.*

If you can find a way to demonstrate that they broke the law in any way then throw the book at them. If the law is inadequate then change it. But don’t encourage the government to make up the rules as they go along and then punish you for breaking them before they changed them.

*Well, not unless you’re Dick Cheney, but that is another topic entirely.

I agree but all the same explain, sir.

If the manner in which Anglo funded the purchase of it’s own shares is deemed legal, then I fear nothing about this entire debacle will be deemed fit for prosecution.

I remember a survey about corruption about a year ago. Ireland fared quite well, in that instances were low. The authors had a caveat that a lot of practices that were illegal in other countries were quite acceptable or not dealt with in legislation in Ireland. So it’s all okay. No wonder an unnamed mystery state chose Irish passports to use to shoot a Hamas official. I think we have lost more international respect in 5 years than we have gained from those people who bust their butts trying to get in international industry to the country.
Fingers crossed P. Honohan can get some respect and belief into the international community. Second worst state in the EU in terms of fiscal condition. Why would anyone listen to Patrick Honohan when Cowan is still at the helm? And somewhere out there 1 in every five people would still vote for them. Sad.

Oh I see. :unamused:

Here’s a wild idea for you: If you want to provoke discussion try posting something half way intelligent.

Sorry room305. Who are you asking to explain? What needs to be explained?

I’m curious about the Dick Cheney comment.

Ah OK. The Bush administration did this with the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to prosecute Guantánamo Bay detainees. One case that springs to mind is that of Australian David Hicks. In 2007, after nearly 6 years in captivity without charge and in order to secure his deportation to Australia, Hicks pleaded guilty to new charge of “providing material support for terrorism”. That crime that did not exist until 5 years after he allegedly committed it in 2001.

As I said, well and truely off topic…

the law in this country is fubar
fraud is practically impossible to prove in a court and almost never prosecuted other than blatant check forging type stuff.

insider trading is the norm rather than the exeception.

Conversely, the bar to prove libel is ridiculously low…

I wonder why…

Shakespeare’s take on this: