Justice Peter Kelly - A one judge ass-kicking machine


Just heard on RTE radio lunchtime news that Peter Kelly has torn strips off the ODCE for the slow speed at which the case against Anglo is progressing. Haven’t seen it mentioned here yet (apologies if it was).


Here is the RTE link rte.ie/news/2011/0504/anglo.html


Tick-tock…Barristers are paid by the hour don’t you know.
Maybe they should be paid by pre-agreed price, like Brickies or Gypsies Tarmaccers.
That oughta speed things up.


I know nothing about the legal profession, but in the software business the “90% complete” excuse most often translates as: “the project has stalled and will probably be abandoned”.


It’s also a silly thing to say because 90% of any intellectual task is easy, it’s the last 10% that’s hard.


I am not impressed by this guy’s carry on.

He courts publicity and is unpredictable.


I can live with some unpredictable publicity courtin’ if it lights a fire under the establishment.


I’m sorry but he is the epitome of the establishment.
The fact that he likes roasting noveau riche spiv bankers and roofers turned developers only proves this further. All these grubby people engaged in “trade” must vex him.


The carcass on his roasting spit today was not a spiv banker or roofer, but the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement.


Looking at his statements and judgements I’d say he’s a huge thorn in the side of the establishment.

He gave a fine rebuttal to Jimbo Mansfield Jr.'s ‘I can’t read’ excuse for not understanding the terms of his loan. Plenty other judges would’ve proclaimed that excuse as watertight…


The day a judge tells a developer that private school fees are not essential is the day I shall bestow the title of antiestablishmentarian upon a wigged one.

Btw Judge P Kelly is a scholar and a gentleman IMHO.


Is he an acrobat, though? :blush:


As is usual in this country, the cops have got it arseways again. They maintain that they still have to interview some of the ringleaders (sorry, senior management), two and a half years down the line.

If I were running this investigation, I would have started with the minnows. When you are at the base of the ladder, you can see a lot of bare bottoms above you. A bit of pressure by the cops with the possibility of some wheeling and dealing if appropriate evidence could be produced would lead to increased probability of successful prosecutions higher up, with the , dare I say it, possible exposure of politicians. The senior management would stew, wondering what the minnions were saying about them and might even break cover.

As it is, we will have another legal gravytrain for 15 years and nobody will do time.


everyone I speak to says Appleby is honest thorough and meticulous.
So why the hell is it taking him so long?
Agree with Kelly here.
Appleby needs a rocket up his arse.

nonsense the delay. they should start charging for the small stuff bit by bit ripping these guys apart.


It’s been repeated time & again on here.

The ODCE has how many staff ?

And they just have to investigate, Anglo, INBS, the DDDA, Quinn, etc, etc, etc.

There was no interest in the part of the last Government in having a capable, properly empowered, well staffed ODCE, they were much happier with one that was understaffed & incapable of compelling disclosure from those under investigation !


Problem is, the consequences of getting it wrong - perhaps by rushing it right at the end - are so enormous that that must be Appleby’s major concern. Throw in the chronic understaffing (thanks FF) and the likely extreme complexity of what appears to the layman to be prima facie simple cases and I’m not that surprised it’s taking so long.


Exactly, & the simple fact is that the people being chased by the ODCE are able to throw many more lawyers at the problem, & these lawyers just generate boxes & boxes of bullshit evidence designed to conceal & confuse any attempts to prosecute. But it all has to be gone thru, or as you say, any prosecution is almost certain to fail :frowning:


Woah… this update gave me a warm fuzzy feeling

I think I’ll read it again.


Extensive coverage of this on RTE’s 1pm news on R1. Judge Kelly’s ass-kicking seems to have moved up a notch. This can only be good.


It sounds like he himself referred prima facie evidence of criminal acts to the DPP, from cases that had come before him; & yet no prosecution was launched !

For the DPP to completely ignore a senior judge like that is beyond appalling, but then what can you expect in our banana republic ?