Justice Peter Kelly - A one judge ass-kicking machine


Shatter has just been on Radio 1 this morning talking about an issue involving a judge talking about dismantling of the independence of the justice system “brick by brick”…


I read the SBP article and Judge Kelly’s remarks as quoted. How utterly nauseating it is to see a judge - speaking on behalf of the most highly-paid, perked and privileged classes of public servant - describing cuts to judges’ pay and to their (enormous) pensions as an assault on the independence of the judiciary. Needless to say, we don’t hear them complaining about judicial independence when they get their remuneration increased - or indeed when they get appointed to the bench in the first place as a reward for their political cronyism.

To characterise cuts to judicial pay and pensions - which have been imposed in line with the cuts experienced by every other public servant - as an attack on the separation of powers is wildly disingenuous, hypocritical and self-serving. It is deeply depressing to realise that our judges - who wield enormous power and are supposed to be our nation’s calm and impartial arbiters at a time of fiscal crisis - possess so overweening a sense of financial entitlement that they are prepared to engage knowingly in such fallacious arguments. How are we supposed to have any confidence in our judiciary when they behave in this fashion?


I can’t post the entire article but I think this gives a flavour.


I think its goodbye to Shatter soon enough.
Even though he’s right on this one.
I’d find it hard to think of two more pompous people than Judge Kelly and Justice Hardiman.


The problem with Judges is that they are political appointments. The judiciary is full of overpaid political hacks. Most of them lobbied politicians to get on the bench. It never did come out who was the judge who lobbied Frank Dunlop, now that would be interesting if it came out.


Totally agree. It is a complete failure of logic: if the judiciary weren’t cut in line with the rest of the public sector then there would be a reasonable argument that there was a problem with the independence of said judiciary! The cuts merely showed that they were one and the same and curried no particular favour with parliament.


First Jonathan Sexton and now this independent.ie/irish-news/blow-to-judiciary-as-senior-judge-opts-to-retire-early-29949080.html. I am off to curl up in a ball!


Who was it who said during the week that an Oireachtas Inquiry into the Banking Collapse could only be chaired by a non-member?

Or did I imagine that? Is it legally possible?

[edit]Ah, here we are:

"]Yesterday Fianna Fail enterprise spokesman Dara Calleary repeated his party’s belief that an independent inquiry should be established under the aegis of a judge, possibly assisted by senior politicians.

Which retired Judge would you regard as most competent Dara?