Kazakhstan Currency Goes Poof

Warning: gold ramping.

If the centrail bank devalued by 18% but the currency fell against gold by only 12.4% (109K-123K) then it seems gold is a good purchase in good old Kazakhstan. :unamused:
Why does a country devaluing it’s currenct suddenly become hyperinflation and what the hell does “real estate earning potential in gold ounces just declined precipitously” mean??? I imagine not too many citizens are awake at night over that particular problem.

These gold promoters are starting to ge ton my nerves, I have posted elsewhere anout my opinion on gold and it is generally good but this kind of ridiculous correlation pandering is nuts!

I think I speak for everyone when I ask … how is Borat coping ?

I believe he’s leased out the gold teeth in his grandmothers head to Goldbugs.com to use as margin…

What I was thinking especially the ‘real estateearning potential in gold ounces…’.