Imagine the shock and surprise not being able find anything on RTE. :thinking:

The protesters, meanwhile, “captured” the military. #BreakingNews #Breaking #Kazakhstan #Казахстан #protests

Video https://twitter.com/Brave_spirit81/status/1478675184555016193

Some live stream:

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The Beeb - Fuel prices?

They might be protesting because they can’t get access to vaccines quickly enough for their 5 year olds.

Videos at most of these links

Kazakhstan announced it would restore some fuel price after protests erupted in the country. There are reports that people now want the government to resign. Belarus propaganda obviously blames the West and social media for protests in Kazakhstan and says police should be violent



Security forces gathering in Almaty. Look how many of them are there


:arrow_forward: Protests against the rise of fuel price started on January 2.
:arrow_forward: Dozens of thousands have been protesting in at least 10 cities.
:arrow_forward: The Internet is disrupted.
:arrow_forward: Tokayev asked people to calm down and promised to consider their demands at the meeting tomorrow


New words and slogans in Kazakh language that I can now recognise:
:one: Alga, #Kazakhstan is something like “Forward, Kazakhstan!"
:two:Shal, ket! which means “Leave, old man!”.

The last one is directed to Nursultan Nazarbayev. Sorry if I misspelled it. I’m not an expert,of course


The footage shows security forces firing at protesters in Alma-Ata, presumably with rubber bullets.

Earlier, they pushed the protesters out of the Republic Square, where they began to smash police cars.


Another country with its border to Russia revolts: because the Beloved Leader stays in power for too long. Not a good sign for Putin, who will clearly intervene, if Nursultan (ruling since Summer 1989!) would disappoint Putin. Long live free Kazakhstan!



Protesters in #Kazakhstan attacked what seems to be military roadblock including APC.


Videos from #Kazakhstan are crazy…


Running & Intense gunfire - https://twitter.com/AntonioBatt63/status/1478477435503095811

Protests are held in these regions in Kazakhstan


A sudden change in government in Kazakhstan or civil war might trigger Russia having to revaluate their deployment of forces along Ukraine border and possible if situation devolves into civil war the need of sending forces from Ukraine border to back Kazakhstan allies.


It’s a big country. 9th largest on the planet

Running battles in the streets - https://twitter.com/worldprotest_tg/status/1478473732612141056

Very dangerous situation - https://twitter.com/Ozkok_A/status/1478479709373714433


#BREAKING: President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev plans to announce the resignation of the government in the morning, sources told http://Zakon.kz. https://t.me/zakonkz/23342


Driving viewpoint around - https://twitter.com/Wild_Vagabond_/status/1478509220005826568

Masses of protesters last night - https://twitter.com/sisa2min/status/1478520867533606921

Highspeed civilian harassing blocking army movements (reinforcements) https://twitter.com/Avesta6661/status/1478410721138556928



Soldier / police shot/killed by protestors - https://twitter.com/Nathan_Visser/status/1478669123223797763

In Aktobe, law enforcement forces are using water cannons and stun grenades to attempt to clear protestors - https://twitter.com/LukeSt_K/status/1478669637969752073

Videos - https://twitter.com/NewsInt_/status/1478671453868408834

There is a war ongoing in #Almaty right now. Just watch and listen - https://twitter.com/MarQs__/status/1478670842460573696

Some servicemen joined protesters in Atyrau - https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1478669364605898752

Situation near the building of the akimat of Atyrau - https://twitter.com/Royy_tweets/status/1478672736675315714

More videos of road carnage and destruction - https://twitter.com/Royy_tweets/status/1478629754123296769

The protesters, meanwhile, “captured” the military - https://twitter.com/Brave_spirit81/status/1478675184555016193

In Aktau protesters detaining servicemen, seizing their equipment - https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1478675500117671939

In #Aktobe, west #Kazakhstan, the police reportedly announced that it would not be acting against the protesters: - https://twitter.com/AlexKokcharov/status/1478635964457181185

Reports of police shooting at protesters in Aktobe - https://twitter.com/PriapusIQ/status/1478671743669751808

Protestors against police - https://twitter.com/KARIMAMARKHODJ1/status/1478682046633775107

Situation next to the presidential residence in Almaty, #Kazakhstan. The roads are blocked by benches, something is on fire, stun grenades are being used - https://twitter.com/Fan_Of_News/status/1478682611451150336

iots in Almaty continue, protesters are burning cars, the square is shrouded in smoke - https://twitter.com/dailyaz1/status/1478683011734556675

Looks like troops/police running from attack - https://twitter.com/evg__10/status/1478683129644781571

Almaty, the largest city in #Kazakhstan with population of nearly 2 mln, has been cut off the Internet. Neither mobile nor cable connection work. Kazakh news websites which servers are inside the country do not work. Kazhtelecom provider shut down access in the entire country


:warning: Confirmed: #Kazakhstan is now in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions. The incident is likely to severely limit coverage of escalating anti-government protests.

Police appear to com out and side with people in Almaty-

injured after explosions in Aktobe - https://twitter.com/Brave_spirit81/status/1478696954188156932

Shocking pictures of the Akamat , a large government building, on fire in #almaty - https://twitter.com/RoyalIntel_/status/1478697563167637507

Oil industry employees join protests in Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/russian_market/status/1478454629864202263

Terrifying situation in Kazakhstan, a country I love. It’s not clear how this ends, I just hope that my friends there are safe - https://twitter.com/SyfretJ/status/1478703630588989446

#BREAKING Major TV channel controlled by the “Nazarbayev Foundation” has stopped transmitting state propaganda as the whole building is being evacuated.



Metallurgists joined the protests in Kazakhstan.

Metallurgical plant stopped production in the city of Semey


Tokaev says that Nazarbaev ordered him to “act tough” , says that “foreign extremists are attacking the army” , which is a “clear and coordinated foreign conspiracy against the state”. He says that he never left the capital and does not intent to #Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests


Latest on #Kazakhstan unrest:
-President Tokayev is making a televised address
-Offices of broadcasters in #Almaty stormed and wrecked by demonstrators
-Kazakhstan is now in a nation-scale internet blackout -Several Kazakh media websites are unavailable for users abroad


Almaty airport cordoned off by security forces, resumes its work

There are a lot of security officials, no fights have been reported near the airport

Almaty airport cordoned off by security forces, resumes its work — source - World - TASS

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#Kazakhstan protests are intense. According to online reports multiple explosions, burned buildings, looted gun store and injuries. According to another online video government TV channels are down,TV channel MIR may have been over taken. Unconfirmed.

  1. BREAKING #Kazakhstan chaos | Government resigns as MASS protests sweep the country -January 5th

  2. #Kazakhstan #Protests #PoliceClashes
    Violent protests sparked in Kazakhstan as car fuel prices double

  3. #Kazakhstan #government #protests
    Kazakhstan government resigns amid violent protests over fuel price hike • FRANCE 24 English
    #lockdown #curfew #wednesdaythought

  4. #Breaking #Kazakhstan #Tokayev #KazakhstanProtest
    Interesting Asian background history and other countries.
    Kazakh president accepts resignation of government amid nationwide protests

LIVE: Kazakhstan Protest continues #January5 #Wednesdayvibe #government#lockdown #Curfew #police #violence #explosions #breakingnews
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  1. #Breaking JUST IN - Leading service provider in #Kazakhstan has reportedly shut down the Internet throughout the country.#Astana tour video

  2. the so-called “Illuminati Capital of the World.”
    The Secrets of #Astana Architecture, #Kazachstan (Nur-Sultan) w/Frank Albo #KazachstanProtest #January5 #NWO #NewYear
    #History #knowledge #protest #riot #wednesdaythought

  3. People removing #Nazarbaev monument
    (A monument to the country’s first president,Nursultan Nazarbayev, )
    in #Kazakhstan not confirmed.
    #KazakhstanProtests #January5Image

10 #Breaking Revolution In #Kazakhstan: People Detain Military & Seize Vehicles/ Equip… #lockdown #COVID19
#NewYear2022 #world #KazakhstanProtests #UK #USA #EU #Asia #SouthAfrica#Europe #Austria #SouthAmerica #Canada #Australia #MiddleEast #Carribean

  1. #Breaking #KazakhstanProtests #Almaty
    #Kazakhstan: Protesters clash with police in Almaty as fuel price rallies continue filmed an hour ago.
    #January5th #WednesdayFeeling Internet shut down.
    #military and citizens in violent contact,currently.

  2. #BREAKING #London(VCA #News | #World Report) #Kremlin warns against outside interference in #Kazachstan #KazakhstanProtests #Russia #Moscow #UK#USA #Asia #Georgia #Ukraine.

Kremlin warns against outside interference in Kazakhstan Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that Kazakhstan could solve its own problems and it was important that no one interfered from the outside, RIA news agency reported.https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/kremlin-warns-against-outside-interference-kazakhstan-2022-01-05/

  1. #Gematria Five G=31
    Five G roll out=63
    #KazakhstanProtests =63
    January fifth=85
    fuel price riots=85
    First month of year=85
    energy price hike protest=223
    energy price hike protest=223
    Energy price hike riots=112-31 Image

  2. #Kazakhstan Chaos=85-50
    Kazakhstan Coup=50
    Kazakhstan Riot=87
    Year twenty twenty two=87
    #NewYear2022 #NewYear #January5th
    #BREAKING news
    Kazakhstan Declares State Of Emergency After Fuel Hike Protests radionigeriaabuja.gov.ng/2022/01/05/kaz…Image

Kazakhstan Declares State Of Emergency After Fuel Hike Protests - FRCN Abuja Operations The president of Kazakhstan has declared a two-week state of emergency in parts of the country after protests over fuel price rises turned violent. Big demonstrations were reported in several areas ac…https://radionigeriaabuja.gov.ng/2022/01/05/kazakhstan-declares-state-of-emergency-after-fuel-hike-protests/

15.#Kazakhstan Reportedly Hit By Internet Blackout As Nation Breaks Out In Rare Anti-Government
#KazakhstanProtests Protests #NewYear2022

16.#GMA #KazakhstanProtests
#Kazakhstan declares state of emergency after mass protests

  1. Confirmed: #Kazakhstan now in midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions.

The incident is likely to severely limit coverage of escalating anti-government protests.#UK #USA

Report: netblocks.org/reports/internImage

Page not found - NetBlocks https://netblocks.org/reports/intern

!9. @GDarkconrad
The flight of private jets from #Almaty #Kazakhstancontinues.#KazakhstanProtests #travel #RevolutionImage

  1. #Kazakhstan government resigns after fierce protests over fuel price
    Violent protests across the country have led the Kazakh President to accept the government’s resignation on Wednesday, in hopes to settle the situation. #KazakhstanProtests #Revolution #freedom protest.#2022 Image

Astana ( satana) the capital of New World Order
#illuminati #NWO #Kazakhstan #Borad #revolution
#BuildBackBetter #occult #Pyramid #lockdown
#curfew #BoosterShots #Apex #Microchip #UK #USA

  1. Staff flee as protesters enter #Kazakhstan airport
    #KazakhstanProtests #Revoluion #NWO Rare protests in a country that bans dissent. #lockdown #curfew #Europe #EU #Asia Note: protesters fight “in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout”.

Kazakhstan unrest: Government calls for Russian help A Russian-led military alliance will send a peacekeeping force as nationwide protests escalate.https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-59880166

Embraer Legacy 650 from #Moscow en route to #Almaty #Kazakhstan #revolution#NewYear
#KazahstanProtest #January5 #WednesdayMotivation #lockdown #curfewImage

23.What’s Behind The State Of Emergency And Protests Erupting Across #Kazakhstan?
From Radio Free Europe
they do not have the full story of #KazakhstanProtests
#lockdown #curfrew #coronavirus #FuelPrices #NewYear2022 #Wednesdayvibe#UK #USA #EU

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Big proliferation event in Kazakhstan, hundreds of small arms will flow on the streets - https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1478723503918653440

First recorded collision death on video. Allegedly, police officers from the roof are firing at protesters storming the building. The latter allegedly also have a firearm and they shoot back. It is not clear which side suffered losses in the frames - https://twitter.com/Brave_spirit81/status/1478747053639737344

Demands of the Protesters in #Kazakhstan

  1. Immediate release of all political prisoners

  2. Full resignation of president and government

  3. Political reforms: Creation of a Provisional Government of reputable and public citizens. Withdrawal from all alliances with #Russia


EXCLUSIVE RT footage from Kazakhstan amid internet disconnection and unrest

Military vehicles in the center of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


Wow, wow. The statue to Kazakhstan’s first president and until a few hours ago head of the Security Council Nazarbayev is seemingly down in Almaty region.


Breaking: Almaty International Airport, the busiest airport in Kazakhstan, has been seized by protesters. The airport has suspended operations.


Kazakhstan. Is this really about fuel prices? - https://twitter.com/LT74435824/status/1478765288753709057

:zap:Kazakhstan has been completely disconnected from the global network for more than five hours - Network Bulletin


BREAKING: Kazakhstan government resigns as protesters storm capital


Update: Kazakhstan: CONFIRMED: Protestors have seized weapons depots and used live ammunition on the military and security forces. Casualties on both sides.


#BREAKING Kazakhstan on Wednesday declared a nationwide state of emergency after protests over a fuel price hike erupted into clashes and saw demonstrators storm government buildings


#Psaki on situation in #Kazakhstan: “There are some crazy Russian claims about the US being behind this. Let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false and clearly a part of the standard Russian disinformation playbook.” #F24


Russia Warns Against Any ‘Foreign Interference’ In Kazakhstan Unrest


Objection on TV in Almaty:
“We urge residents not to walk or visit public places at this time. These precautions are dictated by your personal safety.”


Internet coming back in some parts of #Kazakhstan and fresh videos coming in: #Almaty Akimat still burning tonight, airport is still seized by protesters


The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, Lieutenant General Marat Khusaimov: “The army is ready to ensure the security of Kazakhstan” - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1478780803022831624



Protesters still on the streets. You can hear gunfire in the background - https://twitter.com/MarQs__/status/1478799344165965830

#BREAKING #Russia-led bloc CSTO to send peacekeeping forces #Kazakhstan for a temporary period, according to Armenia PM


Tokayev considers what is happening in Kazakhstan to be external aggression. That is why request for military assistance made to CSTO for collective defense - https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1478802496260870144

CSTO announces talks to deploy peacekeepers to Kazakhstan, so this is somewhat confirmed - https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/1478802625525174272

BREAKING: Tokayev, Kazakhstan’s president, claims that terrorists have taken control of an airport and five planes, one of which is foreign. He believes the rioters have been trained abroad, calls for assistance from CSTO, which includes Russia (InsiderPaper)


President Tokayev tells Security Council that airborne unit of Armed Forces of Kazakhstan engaging terrorists near Almaty - https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1478803303735648268

Is that Russian tank engines I hear? #Kazakhstan president has asked the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization for military help - claiming that “terrorists” were overrunning strategic facilities across the country.


:kazakhstan::ru::zap: Putin gave an order to prepare assistance to Kazakhstan. Gerasimov, head of the General Staff, in charge - media - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1478807024364310528

UPDATE | Anti-Terrorist special operation starts in Almaty - Deputy Mayor - https://twitter.com/SputnikInt/status/1478810738827345924

Protesters arming themselves with what look to be some very serious weapons after ransacking a federal security service building in Almaty. Now they have a grenade launcher. Ho-ho-ho. - https://twitter.com/KevinRothrock/status/1478814242774171650

There was a video of how an unknown car arrived at the protesters with a weapon this afternoon in Almaty - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1478816694235803656

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Just a photo of some Kazakhstan oligarchs meeting with the big guy and the little guy


Chilling footage from Akimat, Kazakhstan. All emergency services burned to the ground (including the presidents residence), streets destroyed, Ordinary people in hiding, scared to go outside - https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/1478821294393147401

Reportedly #Kazakhstan government forces begin to use automatic fire on protestors. #KazakhstanProtests starting to escalate in violence as the government begins to crack down with violence and protestors arm themselves. #CSTO intervention unknown. #Russia #CentralAsia (GRAPHIC) - https://twitter.com/IdeologyWars/status/1478822890044862470

Kazakhstan :zap:The security forces are entering #Almaty -https://twitter.com/ivan_8848/status/1478823465960542216

BREAKING: Kazakh Spec Ops Forces arrive in the besieged city of Almaty and begin the clean-op of the “foreign sponsored terrorists” — no one saw them arrive, unclear how they got into the city. - https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/1478822923704090625

:kazakhstan: 18+ Killed during protests in Kazakhstan (NSFW) - https://twitter.com/luisffierro/status/1478823469546618882

The situation has gotten completely out of control in Almaty. Heavy clashes between armed protestors and security officials is taking place. This has gotten even more serious - https://twitter.com/AbdusYahya/status/1478825873017081861

#Putin regime propaganda agencies are claiming that the regime will send its 31st separate airborne assault brigade from Ulyanovsk and the 98th airborne division from Ivanovo also Airborne units based in the Tula and Kostroma regions to #Kazakhstan to suppress protests


From what little is being shared from Almaty, a very grim picture is forming: deranged regime enforcers are firing like crazy to everything that’s moving , including at civilians , targeting civilian homes and cars. A massacre. #KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan


Large column of protesters marching towards Almaty city center as the regime enforcers entered the outskirts of the city - https://twitter.com/ignis_fatum/status/1478829710373273602

Kazakhstan is responsible for 18% of Bitcoin’s hashrate


Looting continues in Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/russian_market/status/1478832239383306245

The streets of #Almaty have turned into a battlefield. A large number of deaths are reported in the clashes. #Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/ModernEraNews/status/1478832779211255815

#BREAKING: The #Kazakhstan security forces have taken control of the #Almaty International Airport back from the armed rioters but the airport is still closed. - https://twitter.com/ModernEraNews/status/1478837272078397440

#Kazakhstan: In the coming hours, Putin will be deploying the members of the 31st Independent Airborne Assault Brigade, as well as the 98th Guards Airborne Division, from Ivrnovo, to Kazakhstan.



More military columns ongoing towards Astana (renamed by the regime as Nur-Sultan) ahead of the immense invasion of the Lukashenko and Putin regimes into #Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/ignis_fatum/status/1478849333076312071

Hearing unconfirmed reports from sources in Tajikistan that the country’s Alfa Group, the special forces of the GKNB, are at Aini airbase poised to fly to Kazakhstan to aid the government - https://twitter.com/EdwardLemon3/status/1478845738939559940

Just spoke with my friend in Almaty. He passed thorough the rioters earlier today (later afternoon local time) in his neighborhood ((close to downtown). A lot of alcohol involved, and looting and not a single one from his neighborhood. The question is who these guys are… - https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/1478856786128080901

Taken now: Radio instructs residents of Almaty to stay away from the central areas as the authorities are carrying out an anti-terrorist operation and working to restore law & order - https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/1478828731556941826

Image from TASS, a reporter for the agency says there is a large scale gunfight ongoing near Republic Square.


Snipers in Almaty are opening fire on cars driving by. Dread seeing what will happen tomorrow now that Tokayev is getting reinforcements from Russia - https://twitter.com/rien4djri/status/1478959208171139072

Initial videos coming out of #Kazakhstan after the internet connection is re-established. Scenes of dead bodies piled on each other… - https://twitter.com/vahid_yucesoy/status/1478962570010800129

“Anti-terrorist operation” underway at the location of three administrative buildings in Almaty
Residents and guests in the square of Makanchi, area of Karasai Batyr St, Zhambyl District, and Karasai Batyr St are told to stay inside and not leave their homes.


Intensive shooting starts on square in front of Almaty Mayor’s office - https://twitter.com/APA_English/status/1478965381708623877

Video various angles, peopel injured, dead - https://twitter.com/Siphai313/status/1478969868926005250

:zap: The situation in #Almaty is very bad. Public transport failed, and many were unable to get to work. Shops were closed. State institutions are under increased protection. Protesters are gathering in different parts of the city, but so far there have been no clashes.


Russian TG channels report 3000 Russian servicemen will be deployed to Kazakhstan
3000 Russian + 200 Tajikistan + 70 Armenia + let’s say 100 Kyrgyzstan and what’s left + 230 from Belarus


Unknown people had blocked off roads and bridges entering and exiting form Almaty with burning tires and cars - https://twitter.com/ignis_fatum/status/1479047913120669697

The 25th special-purpose brigade “Scorpion” of the Kyrgyz army is moving towards the border with #Kazakhstan from its permanent deployment in the city of Tokmok - https://twitter.com/MarQs__/status/1479026384907476993

#BreakingNow First video of morning massacre where dozens of people were killed. Almaty Kazakhstan Google Maps #Kazakistan - https://twitter.com/AbpIndia1/status/1479050649245528066

Loading military equipment to be sent to Kazakhstan from Russia’s Chekalovsky Airport. List of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) peacekeepers stationed in Kazakhstan: Russia - 3000 Belarus - 500 Tajikistan - 200 Armenia - 70 #Kazakistan #KazakhSpring #Kazachstan


:ru: About 10 people were detained in Moscow, who took part in a picket in support of Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1479051455751499777

Independent media in #Kazakhstan reports that more then 30 protesters were killed by the Nazarbaev regime in Almaty this morning alone , exact number is unknown. Some claim that #Putin regime military enforcers were also present in those events this morning. #KazakhstanProtests