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The situation in Kazakhstan is a much bigger deal than Western media is letting on.

I believe it significantly increases the risk of NATO-Russia conflict.

Here is my report from Moscow. A MEGA-thread… :thread:

First, what is happening in Kazakhstan?

Mass protests and anti-government violence have left dozens dead.

Russia is deploying 3,000 paratroopers after Kazakh security forces were overrun.

The largest city, Almaty, looks like a warzone.

To appreciate why Russia is willing to deploy troops to Kazakhstan, it’s critical to understand the depth of Russia’s vital national interests inside the country.

This isn’t just any former Soviet republic.

It’s almost as important to Russia as Belarus or Ukraine.

First, Russia and Kazakhstan have the largest continuous land border on planet earth.

If Kazakhstan destabilizes, a significant fraction of the country’s 19 million residents could become refugees streaming across the border.

Russia is not willing to let that happen. Image

Second, roughly one-quarter of the population of Kazakhstan is ethnic Russians.

Kazakh nationalists are overwhelmingly Muslims, who resent the Orthodox-Christian Russian minority.

Russia believes that civil war would entail a non-trivial risk of anti-Russian ethnic cleansing. Image

Third, the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan was the heart of the Soviet space program.

Russia still uses it as its primary space-launch facility.

The Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far East will lessen that dependence, but it still isn’t complete. Image

Fourth, Russia conducts its Anti-Ballistic Missile testing at the Sary-Shagan test site within Kazakhstan.

This is where ongoing development of the S-550 ABM system is occurring, one of the foundations of Russia’s national security. Image

Fifth, Russia’s nuclear fuel cycle is intimately linked to Kazakhstan.

Russian-backed Uranium mining operations are active in the country.

Uranium from Kazakhstan is enriched in Novouralsk, Russia and then returned to Kazakhstan for use in Chinese nuclear-fuel assemblies.

Collectively, these security interests make Kazakhstan a region that Russia is willing to stabilize with force.

The 3,000 troops it has already committed are not the maximum it is willing to deploy.

If necessary, these will only be the first wave of RU forces in the country.

The biggest question is how the situation in Kazakhstan will affect the existing standoff between Russia and NATO over Ukraine.

Will Russia be deterred from intervention in Ukraine by the need to maintain reserves to deploy to Kazakhstan?

Or will it simply be provoked?

Recall that, before things escalated in Kazakhstan, Russia had massed troops along its border with Ukraine.

Moscow issued an ultimatum: Provide security guarantees that Ukraine would not join NATO “or else.”

This was already a very dangerous situation. Image

NATO-Russia talks to resolve the crisis in Ukraine were set to begin next week.

Yet, on their eve, the revolution against the government of Kazakhstan began.

Russia perceives this to be an act of “hybrid war.” Right or wrong, that perception is fueling a desire for revenge.

What is “hybrid war”?

From the Russian perspective, it is a two-pronged approach to regime change.

First, Western-backed NGOs encourage large protests against an incumbent government.

Second, armed provocateurs use the protests as cover to stage kinetic attacks. Image

Moscow believes that this playbook was employed successfully in Ukraine to oust the Russian-aligned government in 2014.

And it believes that the West unsuccessfully attempted to employ the same strategy to topple Russia’s allies in Syria and Belarus.

It’s debatable whether the West has anywhere near the power to spark revolutions that Russia contends.

Yet America plays into Russian paranoia by funding “civil society” NGOs overseas.

When revolutions occur in countries where they’re active, Russia connects the dots.

Kazakhstan is the latest example.

In the year before the attempted revolution, the U.S. National Endowment for democracy spent more than $1M in the country.

The money went to PR campaigns against the government and training anti-government protesters.

KAZAKHSTAN 2020 - NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY Defending Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Kazakhstan International Bureau of Human Rights and Rule of Law $50,000 To promote freedom of peaceful assembly in Kazakhstan. The organization will conduct… https://www.ned.org/region/eurasia/kazakhstan-2020/

The Russians are convinced that NED is a front for the CIA.

I don’t think that’s true.

But it’s a distinction without a difference, since NED has taken over part of the CIA’s mission.

In 1986, the founder of NED, Carl Gershman, said the group was created because “[i]t would be terrible for democratic groups around the world to be seen as subsidized by the CIA.”

Today, instead of receiving CIA money, they receive NED money.

In 1991, NED President Allen Weinstein said, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

He claimed that operating overtly via NED, rather than covertly through the CIA, made the risk of blowback “close to zero.”

The Russians do not see things that way.

When they witness overt U.S. support for ousting pro-Russian governments, they assume there is also covert support being provided.

To them, NED is only 1/2 of a “hybrid war” strategy in Kazakhstan that includes kinetic operations.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry made that clear yesterday.

It describes the situation in Kazakhstan as “an attempt to undermine the security and integrity of the state by force, using trained and organized armed formations, that is inspired from the outside.”

This claim forms the predicate for intervention by the “Collective Security Treaty Organization,” the Russian-led equivalent of NATO.

It’s the first ever CSTO intervention, and it’s based on the accusation of a foreign attack on the sovereignty of Kazakhstan.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has questioned the legal legitimacy of the CSTO operation, but there’s not much to complain about.

The undisputed President of Kazakhstan, Tokayev, requested CSTO support, claiming his nation was under attack. ImageImage

To bolster the appearance of multilateralism, RU forces are deploying alongside smaller number of troops from two other CSTO states, Belarus and Armenia.

These CSTO forces will secure critical government installations, freeing up the Kazakh military to perform “anti-terrorism.”

The most critical function of the CSTO deployment is internal signaling within Kazakhstan.

Now that Kazakh forces know Russia is backing their government, fewer of them will be willing to join the side of the opposition.

We saw that happen before. I doubt we’ll see it again.

In the short term, while Kazakhstan remains volatile, Russia’s freedom to maneuver in Ukraine may be constrained.

But this will not motivate Moscow to deescalate the crisis in the long term.

Instead, it will only strengthen perceptions of the West as an existential threat.

Activists from prior color revolutions are already publicly taking credit for what is happening in Kazakhstan.

Here is a post from Belorussian activist, Dzmitry Halko, who says that he helped organize the uprising in Kazakhstan along with veterans of the Ukraine revolution. Image

The Kremlin’s biggest fear is a “Maidan on Red Square” – i.e., a repeat of the Ukrainian revolution inside Moscow.

The more that it appears the West is pursuing similar revolutions in former Soviet republics, the more aggressively Russia will push back.

In America, the situation in Kazakhstan is a small news item.

In Moscow, it is currently receiving 24/7 news coverage, like it’s an apocalyptic threat to Russia’s security.

I’ve had the TV on here while writing this thread, and Kazakhstan has been on the entire time.

It’s important to note that today is Christmas in Russia.

(They celebrate it on January 7th rather than December 25th, due to the Russian Orthodox church still adhering to the Julian Calendar.)

When Christmas is overshadowed by a security crisis, it’s a big deal.

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A recent jim stone snippet:

RUMOR: People of Khazakstan arresting vax center people

I think this is true, but the MSM is saying the people are rebelling over high gas prices. The government has been expelled. The rumor is that the vax destroyed so many people that there was a huge rebellion over a mandatory vax mandate and everyone working at the vax centers got arrested, and the homes of government officials were burned. They have either been arrested or have fled the country.My take is that the official story does not make sense, and that the rebellion probably really was over the vax mandates. The MSM cannot allow this to be known, it will instead crush the truth to prevent Kazakhstan from leading by example.


Much more likely to be related to geo-political events in the Russian sphere.


Hang on didn’t all the Bitcoin miners move to Kazakhstan after a China ban? And aren’t they rioting coz energy prices have gone up? And what does btc mining use?


Kazakhstan is the latest example.

In the year before the attempted revolution, the U.S. National Endowment for democracy spent more than $1M in the country.

The money went to PR campaigns against the government and training anti-government protesters.


#Russian electronic warfare drones deployed to #Kazakhstan with recent batch of peacekeeping forces — they will likely be used to disrupt communication of the armed rioters who continue to attack the police in a coordinated urban-warfare manner. This will be a huge blow for them



The Usual Suspects

There are 20k NGOs in Kazakhstan, one NGO for every 800 people which means the slightest spark could ignite a color revolution. There are about 1.5 million Khazakhs in Xinjiang, living in peace & moderate prosperity. Khazakh family having afternoon tea:


Maria Butina claims -

"Kazakhstan has not drawn any conclusions from what happened in Ukraine and Belarus.

She says that examples should be drawn from Russia where NGO’s are called out and shut down - She claimed NGO’s are driving the protests -


#Kazakhstan #America In 2006, there were 25,868 new NGOs registered in Kazakhstan, same year the population of Kazakhstan only 15.31 millions. Eg.‘Open Society Foundation’ founded by Soros has trained 700 journalists and spent $100 million to promote civil society initiatives.


Another protagonist in command of the unrest in Kazakhstan: Mukhtar Abliyezov, the former energy and trade minister of Kazakhstan, funded by the CIA, remotely controlled domestic NGOs from a villa in France. The Western fattening tycoon is worth more than $10 billion. U.S. contr


You can guess WHY the US regime KNEW what was coming for Kazakhstan - with over 16,000 (!!!) NGOs in Kazakhstan, increasing 40-fold from the 1990s to around 16,000 in a country of 19 Million, as


points out:


There are legitimate griefs in Kazakhstan. There are also some artificially created by Western sponsored regime-chammge NGO.

But CIA is taking the same risk here as in Belarus. If the colour revolution fails, Kazakhstan will be brought closer to Moscow than it was before.



“The US has been attempting to infiltrate Kazakhstan, and some NGOs have served as outposts for this effort” - retiree editor-in-chief of the Global Times, Hu Xijin, believes KZ’s situation is already resembling a “color revolution” and is rapidly deteriorating.

"Old Hu believes that China will continue to be a strong supporter of Kazakhstan’s efforts to stabilize the situation by itself. KZ is a close neighbor of both Russia and China, and both countries are concerned about its stability.

"Nazarbayev had had a positive attitude toward developing relations with the US, with the intention of balancing the influence of China and Russia. At the same time, he’d kept a close eye on Washington. Despite this, a color revolution is felt across KZ.

"Kazakhstan has the highest per capita income in Central Asia, but the country’s political stability has been seriously shaken in recent years by a raging pandemic and economic downturn.

"Because Nazarbayev has been in power for so long, it’s possible that the country has developed some entrenched interest groups, and public discontent is gradually growing, but the catalyst for a breakthrough remains the economy’s and people’s downward spirals.

"This is what the Western forces consider Kazakhstan’s seventh inch (idiom: “to kill the snake, one must strike seven inches below its head”).

"They clearly want to “mess up” Kazakhstan, and their goal is to destabilize and drive a wedge into the strategic stability of Russia and China’s neighborhood. However, neither Russia nor China will allow the US or the West to push Kazakhstan into a long-term state of chaos.

"To date, Russians make up about 20% of Kazakhstan’s population, China is the country’s primary energy consumer, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) supports its member states’ stability.

“Suffice it to say, there are still many internal and external conditions that must be met for Kazakhstan to return to its previous stable path following such a period of turmoil.”

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According to Kaz Minister of Social Development Darkhan Kaletaev, there are 53 international organizations, 30 foreign government organizations, 77 foreign NGOs and foundations in Kazakhstan. 70% of all funding comes from the United States.


Dude don’t make up things, it seems you are clueless, Turkey has been telling the Kazakhstan leadership to close the FETO NGOs who are now actively playing role in the coup, while Kazakh leadership were in bed with them because the funds they were getting from the West!


Lots of western intel & NGO assets there, also (weak) jihad movement. Unclear whether play by US side in advance of Jan 10 US/Russia or preemptive strike by Moscow to flush out & crush assets, force Kazakhstan back on side (like Belarus last year).



A Telegram account claiming to represent the “Kazakhstan Liberation Front” claims to have conducted an ambush in the area of Korday on the border of Kyrgyzstan. They claim to have wounded/killed 3 security forces and suffered 1 killed and 1 captured fighter.


Reports of heavy clashes in #Almaty suburb, along Bishkek-bound highway - https://twitter.com/MarQs__/status/1479861802871758848

In the city itself , shooting had been intermittently heard throughout the city. The Nazarbaev/Tokaev regime had imposed a curfew in the city , which was announced by air raid sirens. #Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtesta - https://twitter.com/ignis_fatum/status/1479865196135038981

Russian Foreign Ministry Receives Hundreds of Evacuation Requests From Citizens in #Kazakhstan The Dept of the Situational Crisis Center of the Russian Foreign Ministry told Sputnik that it had received several hundred requests from #Russians for evacuation #Sputnik #Breaking


(Video) Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan. The work of the airport is closed for an indefinite period, most likely a temporary Russian military base will be located here.


VIDEO: With burnt cars and shattered glass scattered across the city of Almaty, people cautiously take to the streets in small groups. Volunteers man a makeshift checkpoint marked by metal railings, and residents consider what the future of Kazak politics might look like



:warning: Update: It’s Sunday morning in #Kazakhstan where internet has now been cut for some 80 hours. News from the country is scarce as President Tokayev orders troops to fire at “terrorists” without warning amid ongoing anti-government protests.


#BTC freaks still waiting for #Kazakhstan to turn the internet back on…


A 4 year old child is one of the victims of the Russian led militia in Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/McmackinRoisin/status/1479880675960442881

Russia reacts furiously to Blinken jibe over troops in Kazakhstan - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism


A glimpse at so-called “cleanup” from the receiving side.
Security servicemen fire shots at the person who films them.


Gosh, these Kazakhstan “hot takes” keep pouring.

I normally don’t engage on uninformed takes but not only is this ignorant and asinine but also dangerous. Anyone who knows two things about Kazakhstan knows this is patently false. Kazakhstan is more ethnically harmonious than the vast majority of countries.


The United States is not optimistic about the upcoming negotiations with the Russian Federation, the White House said - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1479883760917176321

USA has nothing to do with the situation in Kazakhstan - White House - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1479883840999014401

Current situation in Almaty. - https://twitter.com/DrAlakbarov/status/1479884365073158150

Armenian CSTO forces arrive in Kazakhstan



Transfer of the Russian contingent of the CSTO MC to Kazakhstan from the airfield in the Ulyanovsk region

Loading of military personnel and airborne equipment on Il-76 military transport aircraft in the Ivanovo region

Loading of servicemen of the Russian peacekeeping contingent of the CSTO at the Ivanovo-Severny airfield

Arrival of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Delivery of Russian citizens from Almaty to Moscow by BTA VKS of Russia


22 Year Old Israeli killed - “Suddenly there was the sound of gunfire and he was hit with two bullets”


Corpses in cars- this is how Almaty looks - https://twitter.com/theragex/status/1479889063293464577

#Kazakhstan Security Forces allegedly seized various weapons from “protesters” in Zhambyl


Troops of Belarus in #Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/aldin_ww/status/1479890989338796034

:fire:#Kazakhstan Resistance is fighting the Russian occupiers on the highway towards Bishkek. According to some sources, the Resistance is fighting on the highway to Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek. #Russia


In the suburbs of Almaty along the highway to Bishkek there is a battle, the clash lasts for several hours. Fighting near the village of Raiymbek. Sirens sound in Almaty itself. Residents are being warned of a curfew.


#Russia continue army personel mobilization on #Kazakhstan . #RuAF #Defense #OSINT


A total of 15 Russian Ilyushins Il-76 on ground at 🇰🇿Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan, can be seen in videos posted in RT’s 🇰🇿Kazakhstan liveblog* and on Telegram** by@MuradGazdiev, my analysis shows.


Looters failed to loot and left their Camry to security officials. #Kazakhstan - https://twitter.com/DrAlakbarov/status/1479913495080669194

Russians are currently in charge of protecting Almaty’s airport The command warned everyone that provocations are expected. #Kazakhstan




Young looter sees his chance, the crowd serves instant justice (video): https://twitter.com/ivanjvsivan/status/1479763593285586945

Some talk online of snipers at some point, sound liek the usual playbook of a spooky colour revolution.

Minutes ago, heavy clashes broke out in Kazakhstan’s main square of Almaty and direct fire was fired at protesters



Sitrep Kazakhstan: President Tokayev addressed the nation

Tokayev addressed the nation and called what is happening now in the country an anti-terrorist operation.

Kazakhstan is undergoing an anti-terrorist operation

An anti-terrorist operation is underway in our country. The police, National Guard and army are all carrying out an extensive and coordinated work to establish law and order in accordance with the Constitution.

Yesterday, the situation in the cities of Almaty, Aktobe and the Almaty region stabilized. The introduction of the state of emergency regime is yielding results. Constitutional legality is being restored throughout the country.

But terrorists still damage state and private property and use weapons against citizens.

I have given orders to law enforcement agencies and the army to shoot to kill without warning.

There have been calls from abroad for the sides to negotiate for peaceful solutions. What nonsense! How can you negotiate with criminals and murderers?

We had to deal with armed and trained bandits, both local and foreign. It is with bandits and terrorists. So they have to be eliminated. And this will be done in the near future.

The forces of law and order are morally and technically prepared to carry out this task.

As you know, based on the main provisions of the CSTO charter documents, Kazakhstan has asked the heads of participating states to introduce a joint peacekeeping contingent to assist in the establishment of constitutional order.

This contingent arrived in our country for a short period of time to provide cover and support functions.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Prime Minister of Armenia, which chairs the CSTO, and to the Presidents of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

A special word of thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He responded very quickly and, most importantly, in a comradely and warm manner to my appeal.

I also thank the President of the People’s Republic of China, the Presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkey, and the leaders of the United Nations and other international organizations for their words of support.

The tragic events in our country shine a new light on democracy and human rights.

Democracy is not permissiveness and, moreover, not incitement, including in the blogosphere, to unlawful actions.

In my speech on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence, I said that the law and order are the main guarantee of the well-being of our country.

And not only in Kazakhstan, but in all civilized countries.

This does not mean an attack on civil liberties and human rights. On the contrary, as shown by the tragedy of Almaty and other cities in Kazakhstan, it is the lack of respect for the law, permissiveness, and anarchy that lead to violations of human rights.

In Almaty, not only administrative buildings, but also the personal property of civilians suffered at the hands of terrorist bandits. Not to mention the health and lives of hundreds of civilians and military personnel.

I express my sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims.

Let me remind you that at my suggestion, the Law on Peaceful Assemblies of Citizens was passed in May 2020.

This law is, in fact, a major step forward in the promotion of democracy in our country, because it provides for the not permissive, but notificatory nature of rallies and assemblies. Moreover, in central districts of all cities of the country.

But some so-called “human rights activists” and “activists” put themselves above the law and think that they have the right to gather wherever they want and say whatever they want.

Because of the irresponsible actions of these do-gooder activists, police officers are distracted from their basic law enforcement activities. They are often subjected to violence and abuse.

Because of these “activists,” the Internet is “bogged down,” with the result that the interests of millions of citizens and domestic businesses suffer. In other words, enormous damage is done to domestic economic, social, and political stability.

The so-called “free” mass media and “overseas” figures, who are far from the indigenous interests of our multinational people, play an abetting and, in fact, inciting role in the violations of law and order.

It would be no exaggeration to say that all these irresponsible demagogues have become accomplices in unleashing the tragedy in Kazakhstan. And we will respond strictly to all acts of legal vandalism.

There is no doubt that we will overcome this black hole in our history quickly enough. The main thing is to prevent such events from recurring in the future.

I have set up a special inter-agency group to search for and apprehend bandits and terrorists.

I promise our citizens that all of these individuals will be held criminally accountable to the highest standards.

I ask all the people of Kazakhstan to be careful and vigilant. Report any suspicious activities of suspicious persons to law enforcement agencies and hotlines.

There will be a “debriefing” in connection with the actions of law enforcement agencies and the army and their inter-agency coordination.

It also turned out that there is a shortage of special forces, special means and equipment. We will address these issues as a matter of urgency.

It is critical to understand why the state “slept through” the clandestine preparation of terrorist attacks by sleeper cells of militants. Twenty thousand bandits attacked Almaty alone.

Their actions showed the presence of a clear plan of attack on military, administrative and social objects practically in all oblasts, coordinated actions, high combat readiness and brutal cruelty.

In addition to the militants, there were specialists trained in ideological sabotage, adept at using disinformation or “fakes” and capable of manipulating people’s attitudes.

It seems that a single command center was in charge of their training and guidance. The KNB and the Prosecutor General’s Office have begun to deal with this.

Now for the good.

As the situation has stabilized, I have decided to switch on Internet communications in some regions of the country for certain time intervals. This decision, I am sure, will have a positive impact on the livelihood of our citizens.

But I warn you that free access to the Internet does not mean free publication of fabrications, slander, insults and inflammatory appeals.

If such materials appear, we will take measures to detect and punish their authors.

The counter-terrorist operation continues. The fighters have not laid down their arms, they continue to commit crimes or prepare for them. The fight against them must be seen through to the end. Whoever does not surrender will be eliminated.

There is a lot of work ahead to learn the lessons of the tragedy we have lived through. Including from the socio-economic point of view.

The Government will have to take specific decisions, about which I will speak at the Majilis on 11 January.

Right now I would like to tell you, my compatriots, that I am proud of you.

I would like to thank those citizens of Kazakhstan who have remained calm these days and worked to ensure stability and public order.

Despite provocations and destructive calls, you have remained faithful to the law and to your country.

I thank the students of large cities, members of labor collectives, industrial and agricultural workers for their civic consciousness.

I thank the residents of the regions who ensured a peaceful protest.

All demands, expressed in a peaceful form, were heard. As a result of the dialogue, a compromise was reached and solutions to acute socio-economic problems were developed.

Therefore, in regions where the situation remains stable, we will gradually lift the state of emergency.

I am absolutely certain that our sacred motherland, Kazakhstan, will be a strong state on the world map, our economy will develop dynamically, and the social status of our citizens will improve. To achieve these goals, I will propose a plan for reforms and concrete measures to implement them.

I wish strong health and well-being to all!

Source: Telegram ColonelCassad Channel (Boris Rozhin)



Sounds like they didn’t want to be an Ireland or similar, perhaps the geo-politicals are actually in their favour.


Kazakhstan Calming Down – The West Getting Mad

Support SouthFront

Illustrative Image

The Administration of President Tokayev continues to take decisive measures after the stabilization of the situation in Kazakhstan.

On January 8, the intensity of street clashes significantly decreased. Some shootings broke out in the cities of Almaty, Toldykorgan and some other locations.

Fierce clashes broke out in the suburbs of Almaty, along the Almaty – Bishkek highway near the village of Rayumbek. The battle lasted for several hours. The Almaty-Bishkek highway is the main route for weapons and militants transfer to Almaty.

About 4,500 thousand rioters have been detained in the country so far. The heads of law enforcement agencies, including the leadership of the National Security Service of Kazakhstan, were arrested. They have been charged with the high treason.

Thus, January 8 marked the final turning point of the security situation in Kazakhstan. The coup failed. In most major cities of Kazakhstan, the situation has been completely stabilized.

Video Player



On January 8, the deployment of the CSTO forces, which arrived in the country the day before, began.

The main goal of the CSTO peacekeeping mission is to protect strategic facilities.

The Kazakh leadership stated that the military personnel of the CSTO will not be involved either in the protection of public order or in the detention of active protesters, criminals or looters.

According to the information available to SouthFront, the total number of servicemen of the CSTO peacekeeping contingent in Kazakhstan will be up to 4,000 soldiers.

The fulfillment by the CSTO member states of their allied obligations to Kazakhstan in accordance with the Collective Security Treaty of 1992 provoked hysteria in the West.

Until January 6, the US Administration refrained from any harsh statements regarding the situation in Kazakhstan. The Brussels bureaucracy and the British behaved more aggressively in their statements, but without turning to direct threats.

Starting from January 6-7, the rhetoric of Western elites has changed. European functionaries have moved on to direct threats to Kazakhstan as a state and insulting statements addressed to the country’s leadership.

Starting on January 6, even before the landing gear of the first military transport aircraft of the CSTO servicemen broke away from the runways of their home airfields, a massive information campaign was launched by the Western MSM and social networks aimed at discrediting the CSTO peacekeeping forces. Up to the point that the fake news on the alleged CSTO involvement in clashes with rioters in Almaty.

On January 8, a new round of the information campaign began, including the accusations against Russia and Belarus on occupying independent Kazakhstan.

The campaign involves botnets, politicians and opinion leaders. Pro-Turkish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian accounts were especially active.

Among foreign politicians and opinion leaders, among others, there are former US Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, member of the Polish Parliament and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Michal Shcherba and Swedish businessman Anders Estland, who lives in Ukraine, who took part in creating a negative information background on Twitter around Russia’s actions.

In social media reports were spread under the titles like “Russia has invaded the country and ordinary citizens, whom local authorities call terrorists, are fighting with a regular enemy army.”

The position of Ankara, which has declared itself the self-proclaimed center of the Turkic world, is worth noting. To promote this position in recent years, the Turkish leadership has spent billions of dollars, including a huge amount of resources in the training of the new Kazakh elite through the educational and scientific programs.

Turkish public organizations, media and officials also expressed a very cautious position in assessing events in Kazakhstan until January 6. When it became clear that the coup had failed, and Tokayev turned to the CSTO for help, the rhetoric changed dramatically.

Illustrative Image

For example, the Minister of Defense Akar, claimed that Ankara is ready to provide Kazakhstan, an “important ally” of Turkey, with any necessary assistance.

The former Prime Minister of Turkey, the leader of one of the parties, A. Davutoglu, said that he was “deeply saddened by the events…in the central country of the Turkic world”, he expressed his “concern” that Kazakhstan turned to the CSTO, and Turkey and the Organization of Turkic States did not make the necessary contribution.

Okutan, Secretary General of the Foundation of Kazakh Turks claimed: “We will never forgive the dishonorable Mankurt Tokayev, who brought the genocidal Russian and Armenian military to the homeland of the Turks in Kazakhstan to protect his power.”

An emergency meeting of the foreign Ministers of the Organization of Turkic States is scheduled for January 11 in Turkey.

In the Turkish-language media space, there is a massive stove-piping aimed at creating anti-Russian hysteria in civil society.


Comment from southfront link:

Coloured revolution in Venezuela – failed.
Coloured revolution in Belarus – failed.
Coloured revolution in Kazakhstan – failed.

CIA should really try to find something new….


BREAKING: Kazakhstan has arrested their former head of intelligence for treason

For reference, here is a photo of him with Joe and Hunter Biden

Src: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1480020477267652609


A beaten man was shown on state TV in #Kazakhstan, who admits that he was hired for money to participate in the riots It turned out that the detainee is the well-known Kyrgyz jazz musician Vikram Ruzakhunov


Video of members of the VDV’s 45th Spetsnaz Brigade leaving the Almaty Airport to secure infrastructure in Kazakhstan with Tigr-M SpN, KamAZ trucks, and BTR-82 vehicles.


There’s far more than just Chevron in Kazakhstan. Its a real transnational oil orgy in joint-partnerships from around the world which together protect their mutual class interests. Russia, the US, China, Japan, Italy, Turkey, the UK & the Netherlands too.

@NovaShpakova Jan 9

Here’s the foreign terrorists in Kazakhstan - Caspian Pipeline Consortium partners:
RF - OJSC Transneft 31%
KZ/PRC - KazMunaiGaz 21%
US Chevron 15%
US ExxonMobil 8%
RF Rosneft-Shell 7%
ND Shell 2%
ENI 2% Oryx Caspian Pipeline
2% https://lukoil.com/Business/Upstr

Src: https://twitter.com/NovaShpakova/status/1480112959456219140

Residents of Kazakhstan’s main city Almaty were struggling to buy food and fuel following almost a week of violent protests that burst out in several Kazakh regions

Src: https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1480132247445381121

Russian Forces arriving at Baikonur, #Kazakhstan


Video emerged showing weapons allegedly taken from protesters. Vast majority of that shown is shotguns and hunting rifles. #Almaty #Алматы #Казахстан #KazakhstanProtests #kazakhstan #Kazakistan



Crypto Mining Operation (2018)


Oh, the irony.
The Russian intervention in Kazakhstan is led by airborne top commander General Andrey Serdiukov, the one who was in charge of the Crimean operation in 2014.
The guy is a focused expert on invasions, I see.