KCR as an area to live


I’m not too familiar with the area of KCR, I’ve seen a couple of places around that area, so just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the area in general to live and grow a family.


you need to be very mindful of what school catchment area you will end up in. My understanding is that east of the KCR is Terenure but west is a bit no mans territory. I believe pius a very good school but not sure whether you fall into that catchment. Used to live up the road in larkfield …good points - settled, solid houses, quiet, handy for town. Bad points - very small, as families grew they moved out, schools and after school activities not really that well set up. Moved further out to rathfarnham and have been very happy with the move…once kids are in the equation you can’t have enough space!


KCR is a very loose term. On side you have Terenure, the other side Kimmage. Where abouts are you referring to?


thanks for both replies.

I’ve seen houses on both side of the junction, like on fort field road, on Ravensdale drive, and there are other houses in the other two directions of the junction available on sale too (but i didn’t see them) so I’m asking the area in general. Thanks


That area is a little bit sparse in amenities if you can’t drive. If you’ve got a car you’re close to Superquinn in Sundrive and Lidl (and soon Aldi) in Terenure village. You’ve got Bushy Park and the grounds of Terenure College along with its swimming pool nearby too. There’s reasonably frequent bus services into town and its proximity to town is fairly close. Fortfield and Terenure Rd. West are nice enough, out towards Kimmage and in behind the Poddle is rough enough.


Think a lot of the estates in behind Poddle Park are Crumlin - Cashel Avenue is anyways - used to live there.


How did you get on with the house hunting OP?

I’m about to move to the area myself with a young family. Just west of the KCR on the Kimmage side. I’ve been doing a lot of walk bys and runs around the area at all hours. Its about a 15 minute walk to Bushy Park or Terenure village. The area by the Poddle does seem a bit rougher (a guard was battered there recently) although I had a mate living in Ravensdale last year without any issues at all. Very close to town, say a 10/15 minute cycle. Takes me about 30 minutes to jog home from Merrion Square. The Londis and Pharamcy at the KCR has already proven very handy to me. The school thing is an issue, Kimmage Manor Parish has no school, however looking at the uniforms of the kids in the estate we are moving too they should get in somewhere, both St Josephs Terenure and St Pious seen. A good (if busy) gym is closeby along with a Superquinn and your not too far from Tesco Rathfarnam or Lidl Terenure. My thinking is that people from more salubrious houses ( 500k-600k on say Fortfield Road/The Orchard etc) will be using all these same nearby facilities so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for my little starter family! The closeness to Bushy Park and it’s myriad of kids sports opportunities was a big factor to me.


St Joey’s won’t take them (I’ve tried!)…it’s St Pious catchment area as far as I know


I would say little chance getting into st. Pius if not in area and I dont think that side of kimmage would be. School is over subscribed at moment.


well then it’s Crumlin direction so for schools or down to Harolds Cross


Thats sparse? Parks, 5 great schools, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, near to town. God help us


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Schools have definitely been an issue in KCR but there is strong hope that a solution will soon be found…