Keep the status quo - McCreevy (IT)

End ‘Punch and Judy’ politics, says McCreevy - IT

When they talk of getting rid of our EU Commissioners, what exactly do they mean?

Where to start with this idiot.

If that’s what it takes you bastard!!! :imp:

As we all know experience trumps competence. Your move!

I don’t see McCreevy’s logic here.

If you vote us out it will become unstable and that will cost you money? How much more money is it going to cost us Charlie? Isn’t a lack of organic change what leads to stresses and instability?

I can’t take much more of this casuistry. FF made a mistake that most parties would have made. It is a flaw of the political system that politicians cannot be trusted to call a halt to a bubble because (i) they want to get elected and (ii) if they successfully stop the bubble they will be blamed for the slump. However, that is a flimsy excuse. The failure is serious and FF will have to take their punishment. I think the Govt know this and are trying to do the right thing so as not to compound the problem they have helped create.

Also, I am sick of this “small open economy” shit. If we chose that path knowing it could expose us to the strong winds of a choppy international economy then we should have made adequate provision for that. We didn’t do that when we had our best chance of doing it. Now our country is in hock to outsiders and a generation has been left to clean up the mess. This comes at the beginning of the 21st century which promises to be one of the toughest and most challenging centuries the world has seen.

Fuck off Charlie. (Am I in the gang now?)

Most certainly not!!


A lot done more to do.

You’re missing the point Charlie.

There are governments who took the necessary measures when times were good so that they don’t have to slash and cut now that times are Bad. Canada’s government hasn’t been too popular with it’s bankers for many’s the year now, but Canada’s economy and banking system are reaping the rewards of that now.

We’re not angry that the government are making cuts. We’re angry that they didn’t make them soon enough. We’re angry that yet again Fianna Fail used the peoples own money to buy elections. We’re angry that every evening we have to listen to Fianna Fail spokespersons telling us lies like they didn’t blow the boom, they paid down
the national debt etc.

And most of all we’re angry because every time a Fianna Fail hail mary plan doesn’t work, they come back with an even more expensive plan that won’t work.

It may be that Fine Gael won’t do much better at saving the country. But if we have to pay way over the odds to someone to run the country into the ground, I’d prefer it be someone other than Fianna Fail.


Fuck off McCreevy you prick.

Of course he’s going to propose that, as this time 'round, FF are the Judy and are going to take a beating.

(I refer to the non-PC, cleaned-up version of Punch & Judy, complete with wife beating.)

Well at least he’s honest, once bought he stays bought.

O yeah…PRICK!!!

They are rounding up everybody in the greater Fianna Fáil tent to rally support for De Party in this, their hour of greatest need. They are all on-message, assiduously diffusing the blame.

Earlier this week: Bertie in Northside People soft-focus shlock about Lehman Brothers (Lenihan Brothers would be nearer the truth).

Today: McSharry patronises as he preaches.

Tomorrow: Ray McSharry?, TK Whitaker?

A better example than Canada is closer to home. Finland. A small open economy which also joined the Euro. It also had an inappropriate interest rate for its economy just like Ireland. Finland had it own bubbles due to this but not of the same magnitude as Ireland. More importantly the Finnish government did not actively engage in grossly pro-cyclic policies which amplified the bubbles like the FF government did in Ireland over the last 10 years.

Net result, Finland has been badly hit by the financial crisis due to its dependency on exports but its financial situation is not catastrophic and intractable like Ireland’s.

As someone who was against Ireland joining the euro in the first place I would be the first to admit that the problem was not the euro per se, the problem was various national governments self discipline to adjust to the new reality and start acting with prudence and long term responsibility. Both qualities FF has proved itself utterly deficient in over the last 75 years.

hat Charlie-boy really said:

"sorry about all tha’ lads, the wealth we crea-hed ovur de pasht tin to twivle yeers turned out ta be a bih’ illusuorory. bu’ anyways, we’d like to keap our stahus within the country, so I’m askin for de stahus quo to be implemen’hed. We migh’ laave de euro , ah shure yiz know de price o de guinness from cork to munich to barcelona now, so we dont need it. we’ll destroy your savings, so JP, John, and the horse breaders can keep their rightful posishion at the top o’ wealth list.

Sorry TF but that is obviously a bullshit post, McCreevy has never used a full stop (period to our american cousins) in his life, he is pathologically incapable of completing a sentence. :mrgreen:

From me National Economics days in the late 90’s I seem to recall the problem of varying interest rates across the Eurozone was well flagged across the board, we went into this with our eyes open. What was slightly more dubious were the arguments that the various cycles across the Eurozone would converge, so monetary policy would then suit all. Unless I remember this incorrectly, which is a possibility given my college days XD

Whatever happened to EU Commissioners not commenting on national politics Charlie - I specifically remember you thinking it inappropriate for an EU official to comment on the questionable activities of one Mr. B. Ahern…???


As Mandy Rice Davies so eloquently put it (in the context of Charlie’s outbust) “Well he would, wouldn’t he”.

Fuck off McCreevy you prick.