Keith Woods get's the Full Gemma O'Doherty

Keith woods getting the Full Gemma, read for comments too:

Eventually Gemma seems to fall out with everyone.

Think John Watters is fairly well off the scene now, as she took the plunge

Henry Sellers was out of order on this Justin Barrett talk mind.

Can O’Worms has been opened

From the replies

Gemma obviously seething with jealousy about Woods youth and the esteem he’s held in. She wasn’t even aware of Jewish power til about 2 years ago for gods sake. She’d be tickled pink if Musk replied to one of her tweets.

Carries himself off very well, he has the Indo, the Phoenix, the Guards sniffing around him, I’m sure he’s feeling the pressure he puts himself out there. What an odious woman. I doubt he will give this a moments thought.