Ken MacDonald in the Sunday Tribune

He’s having none of it.

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I feel dizzy :open_mouth:

Barbie blows a bubble to Ken, Ken says that bubble won’t land, it always goes up as there is no bubble to burst in our barbie world :slight_smile:

4000 enquiries, how many of those translated to completed sales?

That article is a fuppin disgrace. Why-oh-why do the national media allow these guys to pen these cheerleader articles in their papers without having the usual “Advertising Feature” Banner for this kind of crap.

I wonder how many enquiries went: “Hi im ringing about 1 main st. Has the asking price dropped?.. No? I’ll ring back in 6 months, k thx bye.”

I think he grossly over-estimates the media’s influence on investors. Why would investors suddenly get spooked by negative sentiment “from some quarters” if they have consistently been wrong, as he pointed out earlier in the article.

As for the poor buyers who listened and did not buy back then, well boo-hoo. Nobody is forced or indeed entitled to buy a money-tree, i mean a house. When buying one, people should do their own research instead of waiting to see what brendan or dan or ken tell you to do. Ye gods!

It is certainly drivel, from a man that seems to opitimise a worryingly large proportion of particpants in this bubble - he’s thick.

More enquiries in Late August/early September, compared with late July/early August. HOLD THE PHONE, UNBELIEVABLE. The idiot even then goes on to insist that we have entered a “selling season” - UNBELIEVIBLY STUPID MAN :open_mouth:

What numbers of enquiries were the getting for the same period last year???

If the best they can muster is increased phone calls and not increased viewings things must be pretty bad.

Its not even clear if these callers were all buyers :wink: “There has been an 37% increase in enquires” it doesn’t say “in enquires from buyers”. The sentence before talking about buyers is not directly linked to the 37% increase in enquires, they could be trying to pull a fast one here.

You know, I was actually in the middle of reading this article and was attempting not to be too cynical (didn’t know who Ken McDonald was) until I got to the end of the first column and saw “managing director of Hooke & Macdonald estate agents”. That’s pretty much the only sentence anyone needs to read in this article to know what’s really going on.

What a shambles… hasn’t this guy made enough money out of ***** to buyers and sellers over the years? :angry:

Must be a 37% increase in enquiries from people selling their homes…

“Why hasn’t my house sold yet?”

Hooke and MacDonald are not regulated and any figures or projections they publish are not subject to any independent assessment. So for all we know the 37% per cent increase could be completely made up…I wouldn’t put it past him.

Phone enquiries most likely up as punters must now phone agents to find out how inflated prices are as prices no longer listed alongside adds - only available upon application??

Well that kind of answers that whole mystery! Good thinking!