Kenah Hill, Killiney


Kenah Hill appeared on the property price register last week. It sold for €9 million.

After a quick google, according to the Irish Independent it sold for €7.7 million in 2004. It’s a bit of a monster house. Article says it’s on three acres and has 32 rooms.

Killiney is having a bit of a boom at the moment.


does anyone know anything about the very modern house built beside it on Georges avenue? (not Hendre)


Looking forward to it, it caught my eye on google maps,


I don’t think this is real transaction but rather internal restructuring by the owners.
They might be preparing to sell or want to raise financing against it.



A really beautiful house, The views must be amazing…


Killiney has a visitor centre! Who knew? :smiley:


I see Brian and Karon Jacobson have put it up for sale for €10 million. Obviously flogging engagement rings is good business,