Kenny says Anglo Charges are Imminent … ing14.html

A man with reliable contacts in the Gardai it seems.

Must be nice to have the inside track, some privilege that goes above the law. Useful if you are an individual with doubts time to get the ferry/plane outta here… :angry:

Pure speculation on my part but even though everyone has been screaming for action wrt Anglo et al I’d hate to see the case ballsed up at this stage for political expedience. If FF want to be seen as the ones who preside over action being taken against the bankers (albeit far too late in the day) I’m sure their friends in the Gardaí could move things along swiftly if pressured to do so. If this is the case, and again its pure speculation, and the case gets thrown out as a result of haste at this stage then that would be a very bad outcome indeed. No doubt Enda shares some of these reservations and by pointing to the vast ammount of documentation involved may be trying to flag to people that its not going to be resolved quickly, which is only right if you were to ask me.

Which, of course, no-one did.

Secretary: great news!
DPP: whassup??
Sec: the Anglo file has just arrived!
DPP: brilliant! now we can start nailing the bstrds!
Sec: erm, not so fast, seems there’s a slight problem
DPP: and what’s that?
Sec: I can’t open the damn thing, seems to be asking for some kind of security code… :open_mouth:

Forgive the clumsiness, I still laugh at the picture somebody put up in the original thread of a guy raising his middle finger … %20arrests

I’ll probably vote FG at the next general election, just by process of elimination.
But Kenny makes me nervous.

Even something as innocuous as this remark has me worrying he’s going to fuck up the investigation somehow or at some (later) stage.

Napoleon once said ‘never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake’.
Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the best strategy especially when it comes to potential prosecutions. Harneys comments on Haughey spring to mind !

Up Mayo!

I am no expert . But why would kenny say this ? Could it not stir up the media and any court case could be made more difficult because of trail by media or political interference ?

I don’t agree with your reading of it at all Mr.A, he’s providing cover for himself in the event that FF feck the case up by trying to rush things along at this late stage in the game. He can point to his statement of today and show that he had highlighted the ammount of work yet to be done. And everybody knows the outline & background to this case, the media have been braying about it for over two years now, Kenny’s comments are unlikely to make much difference in those circles.

I know thats what he is trying to do, it’s just he makes me nervous.
I’d feel happier if he didn’t get involved in it and just let the cops get on with their job.

He’s covering his ass which is exactly what he needs to do. He makes it clear he’s not directly involving himself in the case.

Will old Seanie be going down?

I think we can all agree he’s paid a very heavy price already, the poor man is bankrupt after all, forced to live on the few pence his wife sees fit to allow him.

Just pocketmoney

It’s not as if he transferred a pile of assets in the children’s names

I hear he’s only getting away to Puerto Banus as little as twice a year now poor soul

Blueshirts leaders tend to have. It is also interesting to examine the public record of questions asked in the Dail by some FG TD’s. It is obvious which ones are well-connected to Harcourt Square.

Still voting the Soldiers of Destiny there edge? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or journalists. A lot of the time TDs ask questions for journalists.

Most Mayo people have good connections in the Gardai. In fact, I think most Mayo people proabbly are Gardai!

I dont think any of this ‘contacts’ business is unusual.
It’d be more unusual if senior politicians were not aware of what was going on in the police force in a case of national importance.
In fact it’d be quite worrying.

Reading it again there is nothing in the statement to indicate anything more than an official briefing.