Kenny says Anglo Charges are Imminent

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This is a meaning of the word ‘imminent’ that I was not aware of.

Maybe I’m repeating myself :confused:

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Ok, so as of today we know that “imminent” means “in around two years”.

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From 07:08 in that interview:

"The day will come when you are at a dinner party and you say you work in Anglo Irish Bank… there will be silence around the table. Why? Because they wanna see who is that professional, talented person.

It’s like poor satire.

Serious question - who is paying his legal fees? Is he getting Legal Aid? Is his wife paying?

Right thread this time…

The jury in the Anglo Irish Bank trial has been directed to find Pat Whelan not guilty of seven charges of being privy to the fraudulent alteration of a loan document and to find Seán FitzPatrick not guilty on charges related to the Quinn family loans.

Mr FitzPatrick remains charged with giving illegal loans to the ‘Maple Ten’.

“For good reason I have directed not guilty verdicts,” Judge Nolan told jurors. “It will all be made apparent to you in due course.”

The jury is to return at after lunch when it will hear if the defence intend to call evidence.

Mr FitzPatrick still faces ten charges of illegally loaning money to the Maple Ten Group of investors to buy shares in the bank.

This was part of a plan to unwind Sean Quinn’s 29.4% control of Anglo which officials believed was driving down the share price.

Mr Whelan and former Anglo Director of Finance William McAteer also still face these charges as well as six charges relating to the loaning of money to the Quinn family.

The three accused are charged at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court with breaching Section 60 of the Companies Act 1963 by lending money to investors to buy shares in Anglo.

Mr Whelan, 51, of Malahide, Dublin and Mr McAteer (63) of Rathgar, Dublin are accused of 16 counts of providing unlawful financial assistance to 16 individuals in July 2008 to buy shares in the bank. The 16 individuals are six members of the Quinn family and the Maple Ten group of investors.

Mr FitzPatrick, 65, of Greystones, Co Wicklow, is now charged with loaning money to Maple Ten only.

All three have denied the charges.

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Good stuff Ian Drennan…I’d say he’d reckon the Titanic’s maiden voyage was a success also, as it nearly made America

More that they managed to get out of port, without the ship rolling over in port, exploding, and killing all aboard as well as everyone on land within a 100 mile radius.

Of course, he’s half way to being fully on the ball. The court case was a success as it led to an acquittal for Fitzpatrick, it led to non custodial sentences for the other two goons, and all round it hasn’t rocked the boat particularly. If it had collapsed, it would have been a much worse outcome, not because of failing to bring people to justice, but because it would have stripped away much of the pantomimesque shadow-play and made it unambiguously clear there was no intention/ability to punish white-collar wrong-doing. Instead, he and his colleagues got it through the system and give the cover that “process was followed and a result obtained”.

His statements probably trigger the correct responses in those he’ll be looking for a sinecure from in the future.

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