Kerry: Sufficient Land zoned for 6 times its population

I don’t think Kerry is alone, rather a mirror of the entire nation


Great article!

I’m living in Kerry.

The people of Kerry are very simple in how they treat things to do with government and they know only too well how the system works and how to manipulate it. You’ve got some awful things happening here.

The issue with zoning is just an outcome of what is already a massively corrupt and disfunctional Planning System which has corruption written to the Acts and Regulations that it is. It gives political influence to the planning of houses. There should be no zoning in this country.

People pass their responsibilities to the government as a means of getting what is correct done by someone else rather than themselves. Kerry is not so peculiar in this. There is gross usery throughout Ireland.

Kevin misses the point in some ways by ranting (as admittedly I’ve done here) on about Mexican style hassiendas.
He is placing himself as a Style Judge. You are one of the useless ones on this Kevin. Style is personal and a person should be allowed build any style of house that they want where they want within reason.

This country is well and truly a mess. Bad performance is rewarded and Good performance criticized.

I work with a colleague here and both of us are contemplating getting away from this place, first Kerry but perhaps then Ireland. I’m disgusted with behaviours in this country as a whole but the article could have been better arranged to really pin the blame on facts rather than fictions (his want for a certain dormer style minature cottage peasant living I think is what he wants for his country cousins). I do not support this article but only some of the intent.

The death of the birds is a tragedy but then he should take a look at how people here drive their dogs about 40 miles away then dump then on the side of the road. How people drive in the night in their jeeps shooting foxes for “sport”. How people beat their children. How people stab each other. Etc. Etc. Yeah. This is all a human problem and worldwide in its nature but I think here in Ireland it’s a a little bit too sad for me at this stage.

any sense (unintended) in what DHR is saying? intense dezoning creates ridiculous lobbying from VIs. why not tell the whole lot of them that they are losing their zoning in 3 years time unless substantially developed by then. See how many of them can get bank loans to get their projects started…

There is lots of zoned land in Kerry - too much but my view is leave it that way. If you “dezone” then what happens is brown envelopes stuffed with cash are paid over not to be part of the dezoned areas.

Then in 5 years time when rezoning happens and it always will…yes you are right …a further round of brown evelopes stuffed cash are paid over again.

Finally as we all know the envelopes stuffed with cash are not specific to Kerry.

Also if you think anything is changing then just look at the appointment of the boss to the HSE and the VHI game. Nothing is changing and this cabinet is as poor as any of the previous ones.

Anyone on the council to be held accountable for this? No chance - they were all in on it.

why do you think there’s such opposition to local property taxes in Ireland?

'cos the locals would have to pay for their own mistakes instead of the Jackeens

Hardly a progressive or insightful comment.

I suppose I should dress it up with stuff about representative democracy, inalienable rights. colonial hangover and sprinkle it with something about the church but ultimately that’s what it boils down to: Mé Féinism. I was in favour of property taxes long before the peak of the bubble, but now the argument is contaminated with bondholder payouts

there’s no opposition to bungalow bliss and other monstrosities because locals have no incentive to pay their own way, if the local authorities had been funded locally there’d be a lot more scrutiny of local expenditures and more interest in preserving the main asset of Co Kerry - the natural landscape.

Correct me if I’m wrong but part of the reason for dormers is that according to the planners the traditional farmhouse is frequently deemed too “high” and especially on elevated site;

as both my parents grew up in fairly traditional two story 5 front window farmhouses it drives me spare

shameful conduct from some councillors - One trick ponies all ( i.e. the corruptible councillors and developers)
seems everyone has forgotten that over-zoning was the first rung on the ladder/slippery slide to the overbuilding frenzy.

Although Kerry County Manager Tom Currans claim that other Munster counties are not dezoning is wrong as Tipperary North IS De-zoning now in its current draft (not final yet) of the County Development plan. (Proposed Amendment #1 to County Development Plan 2010-2016)

BTW : Remember this program from Primetime Investigates Mike Milotte on zoning from 2007: … oplay=true

(Zoning in Kerry and The “horse trading” that took place by Kerry Councillors is featured in the 2nd half of program and Anne Lucey has some beautiful descriptions of local politicians acting like “medieval Prince-lings” )