Kestrel, Old Lucan Road, Palmerstown, Dublin 20.-500K (25%)

I posted this on the “worst valued house in Ireland” thread. It went for auction in late March, AMV 2M. It didn’t sell. Then it was listed for 2M. See D20 here. … =firefox-a

Now 1.5M. … earchlist=

If the “garden statue” doesn’t sell this house, nothing will…

Now 625K. … MTRD344434

Thats some drop. :open_mouth:

So asking price 2M down to 650K representing a 67.5% drop in asking price. Obviously the 2M was taking the compelte piss and wouldnt have sold for that in even at the peak in 06 but it’s still an impressive asking price drop none the less.

just make sure the amount of land being offered has remained the same.

Hmm - you might be on to something there, Mr A… but how to check?

I believe you are right. Mr A.
Although the original link to the myhome posting for 2M. doesn’t work, I wrote the following, on the worst value house in Ireland tread…
“2M for 1K sq ft 3 bed bungalow on .25 acre?”
So now if the house and .125 acre is worth 625K. the other .125 acre was worth 1.675M. or 13.4M. an acre!