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THE Key Thread and the thread is from the good old days of 2006 :slight_smile:
hat tip to Miju :slight_smile:


That’s the cleaned up version for the movies here is the thread from October 31 2006. … hp?t=31710


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Posted originally on the infamous thread where so many of us were banned:
2006 - Working couples spend 25% of income on mortgage payments
Read more: … z1PiNzF0ZE


Pension Threads:

Defined Benefits in trouble

Private Pension Levy

Argentina, Hungary - issue ultimatum & take pensions

Ministers Pensions

Wisconsin Pensions Crisis

Pensioners Escape Cuts

Managing your own Pension

Life Assurance & Pension Rip off

Pensions Time Bomb

1 Billion Bail out of Academic & Fas Pensions - why you never hear academics talking about the pensions problem

Irish Pensions want to invest in Irish bonds


“Gold Plated” Pensions to attract staff to NAMA

"Salary levels in Nama and its sister agency the NTMA are “confidential”, finance minister Brian Lenihan told the Dail recently. "

Pensions - Super Massive Black Hole

Bankruptcy Laws/Reform Threads merged:


Irish property crash will bankrupt the nation -> viewtopic.php?f=12&t=343&p=132103

Irish banks won’t attract bids – UK analysts -> viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12424


Home Arrears/ Coming Second Banking Crisis


I like this idea. The way the site is set up works nicely for long term posters who have at least scanned at some point most of what’s on the site already and probably depend mainly on the latest posts page. But for new users and especially those who don’t intend to become active pinsters and are just looking for some general advice on property or opinions on a particular WIW.

I feel like I want to tell them to read National Debt, End game in Europe and Long Term Value of Irish property… So maybe even having a link for ‘thinking of buying and looking for advice - here are some topics you might find useful’ link?


Duly noted.


Sweet mother o’jiminy!!! You need to read this thread again BBJ!!!



quite right! fixed!


2009 Bah!


on improving the site;

You see a lot of +1s out there, but rarely more than one person doing it for a particular comment. Might be good if there was a +1 button, and displayed at each comment there was the number of times it has bee '+1’ed (and a link to see a list of who they were). This might help to give a sense of consensus as threads reach their natural conclusion.

There are a couple of people who’s comments i find worth reading. It’d be nice if there was some way of checking to see any new comments from those people when i log in.


Banks, how solid? viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4609


+1 :laughing:

Here’s a link to something that could work:


Personally I’ve always felt that in its quiet understated way that this thread - from the month prior to the Guarantee, clearly showing that Ireland was heading for a credit deflation cycle with all the inevitable consequences for the solvency of the Irish banks that that would entail - is one of the more important ones in the history of the Pin, whose implications are still not fully grasped by 99% of people.


+1. The Pin at it’s best.


Like the air being sucked out of the room before the…


two threads concerning Quinn in 2008

Financial regulator escorted off of the site of quinn insurance (Aug 2008) , the shock horror if they were to find a third of the premiums missing!


Dec 2008 what the quinn family investment in anglo was worth