kilcock- what's it worth?

Looking for advice about this…

Your thoughts plz?

Alll I can say is…




So how much would be the starting offer to this house?

IF you have some overwhelming reason for wanting to live in Kilcock -then offer the lovely Lorraine -the Remax Queen €250,00 and not a penny more. She is a legend of the Bubble but things are a little quieter these days down at her premises in Main Street Celbridge.

Much better value out there and often close to a decent rail service

:open_mouth: 1/4 of a mill to live in that in kilcock??

Really LL, say it out loud a couple of times and try and make sense of.

From the bee

date event
27 January 2010
* Price changed: from ‘€375,000’ to ‘€349,950’
20 November 2009
* Price changed: from ‘Excess €375,000’ to ‘€375,000’ [Found by n/a]
* Title changed: 1 Aylmer Drive, Kilcock, Co. Kildare - Semi-Detached House [Found by n/a]
10 June 2009
* Initial entry found. [Found by n/a]

A family member moved out to Kilcock from Dublin about 4 years ago. He now wants to move back but is about €40K in neg equity which is actually about €80K because his house is over valued by at least €40K, not including his 4 years mortgage payments. He spends a fortune commuting back and forth to work (in Dublin) and his wife is home alone with a baby in a housing estate where everything is a drive away.

FT Buyer.

Do you want to live in Kilcock or do you just like that house? If the answer is yes to both then the house is worth whatever the seller can squeeze from you, or whatever they think they can get from the market.

Can you please share with me your view about that? whats wrong with kilcock?

No I do not have have any reason for wanting to live in kilcock other than it is close to Maynooth…it looks the prices in Maynooth still high

About €100,000.

Looks like they expect a lot

Opening offer of 170k might get passed on to them to choke on.

Back in the pre motorway days you always felt you were well on the way home when you passed Kilcock so it really is a long way out from Dublin, M4 or not. Even the PTSB/ESRI now reckon that the average house price in Ireland is €220K and I don’t think any of the regulars on here have 100% faith in the veracity of their reports to put it mildly, so that would have to be a way above average house to command that price in a rural town.

Way over priced but if you are from the area/working in the area then that looks like a “nice” house and if reasonably priced would make a nice home to raise a family

Its nothing about Kilcock. Its about a 1/4 of a mill. Madness. When did this stop being an extremelly large ammount of cash. :open_mouth:

agree…but it seems it is hard to find a decent family house for less than that in a commuting distance to dublin

There are three or four houses for sale around the corner in the ‘prestigious’ Royal Meadows estate. These are listed for high 300s, even low 400s if memory serves. It’s fucked

why choose to commute so far?? Do you know what you’re letting yourself in for?
If you must have four beds how about this?