Kildare Street beta

This isn’t entirely on topic but feel free to move it to a more appropriate venue if necessary.

Kildare Street is now in public beta, and I hope it will prove useful to anyone who finds the official Oireachtas website to be something of a nightmare to navigate. It is based on the highly successful British version We are using their API.

For now, only debates from 2004-present are in the database, but we will be adding to that over time. Feedback is of course welcome.

I hope you all find it useful.

Sterling work this - many thanks. Do you plan to roll out any of the other things TWFY have been doing?

spanking stuff , how did you work around the cack threading they use on ???

Well now that’s never going to work. Gay Mitchell was on the wireless only the other day saying how the govt needed to create a radio statio to broadcast the dail debates lest the proletariat be misinformed by the meeja. And here you are simply publishing the documented records for anyone to read at their leisure.

Indeed we do. Members’ interests and expenses data is in the works.

Their source data is much better than their eventual presentation.

These records were already published. It’s just they were harder to dig out!

I stand by my original attempt at sarcasm. Gay Mitchell is a fool. His attempts at self promotion seem to get more bizarre by the day. Is there an election coming up or what?

Applause to the OP
We need more people with this get-up-and-do-it yourself-attitude

If you’ve time on your hands, and the information is available to you, you could try something like this. … .1491&z=12

It displays the expenses claimed by each MP superimposed on Virtual Earth. (uses Silverlight). The original data came from theyworkforyou.

Information that people might find usefull: expenses, attendance records, attendance records versus expenses. You get the idea.

Brilliant Gavin. Fair play for this and your continued blogging.

Gavin, any news on expenses?

If you need a dig out with anything, let me know.


Great stuff! Thanks. Here’s a little drink for your hard work 8DD

The back-end of is actually very good, it’s the stylesheets etc they wrote to skin the XML that’s a pain in the nads.

Now if we could get older committee debates up I’d be very happy, but they’re not in electronic form yet.