"Kill Granny"


Murdered. Medically murdered. Midazolam murder.


How else could they get the numbers up for a real scare?

I think this was the video where John O’Looney expressed a very similar opinion

Beaumount Hospital Covid-19 Critical Care Protocols

Sedation is part of the standard treatment protocol for ARDS, the severe symptoms stage of pneumonia. But it seems about 20 years ago the use of deep sedation which had been used up to then for those on ventilators was shown to have a serious negative impact on outcome so very light short term sedation was recommended. On a patent by patient basis.

Limiting Sedation for Patients with ARDS – Time to Wake Up - PMC.

But as we discussed at the time neither government or health authorities had any pandemic plans, had a severe shortage of critical care beds and no mechanism to quickly expand capacity, and a severe lack of relevant medical expertise in the wards. So just like what happened in care homes in France and Italy the policy was to deeply sedate large numbers of sick people with the knowledge that it was going to kill quiet a few of them.

Problem solved.

ARDS in younger people is different to putting someone who is elderly or frail on a ventilator for a respiratory infection - in the elderly it’s done (or used to be done) with a lot of caution, as getting them off the ventilator can be very, very difficult., But yes, various doctors are still bemoaning the lack of ventilators as a justification for why everyone still needs to get vaccinated or mask.

“When do we deploy the new variant,” Mr. Hancock said…

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